Switch off racism before reading, please.

I am trying to find a picture for this post, but it is very hard. Found it!

An Italian campaing against racism and omophoby says"You name us dirty nigger and filthy lesbian, but you take offense if someone calls you Italian mafia. Racism is like a boomerang, sooner or later it will return to you."

An Italian campaign against racism and omophoby, made by an association for the social and cultural promotion, says
“You name us dirty nigger and filthy lesbian, but you take offense if someone calls you Italian mafioso. Racism is like a boomerang, sooner or later it will return to you.”

I do not want to blame Italians, but only racist and close mind persons. Italy does not means mafia, mandolino, spaghetti, pizza or Naples even if there are  too many stereotypes.

The president of Italian Chamber of Deputies said that Italy must open doors to immigrants because they are an enormous source of richness, not only for economics but particularly for culture and human reasons. The most of Italians have a close mind towards immigrants giving them the worst names. But this does not only happens for country and religion differences. Italy is one of the country with the most accentuated homophobia and a big number of aggressions take place because of intolerance.

When an Italian students goes abroad for an exchange year he/she is an immigrant, but no one would want to be mistreated by the inhabitants of that place. I was proud of the talk President Boldrini did and I felt part of the argument. I am open towards different religions, cultures, habitats and different persons in general, and I am happy next year I will be near something and someone completely different from me and my daily life.

Here is a sort of little poem against racism, found on the internet.

Il tuo Cristo è ebreo
e la tua democrazia è greca.
La tua scrittura è latina
e i tuoi numeri sono arabi.
La tua auto è giapponese
e il tuo caffè è brasiliano.
Il tuo orologio è svizzero
e il tuo walkman è coreano.
La tua pizza è italiana
e la tua camicia hawaiana.
Le tue vacanze sono turche,
tunisine o marocchine.
Cittadino del mondo,
non rimproverare al tuo vicino
di essere straniero.

Your Christ is Jew

and your democracy is Greek.

Your writing is Latin

and your numbers are Arabic.

Your car is Japanese

and your coffee is Brazilian.

Your watch is Swiss

and your walkman is Korean.

Your pizza is Italian

and your shirt is Hawaiian.

Your holidays are Turkish,

Tunisian or Moroccan.

Citizen of the world

do not blame your neighbor

of being a foreigner.

Today I finished school for Easter holidays that will last until next Monday.

I started reading “The right attitude to rain” by Alexander McCall Smith, nice reading!

Låtar på svenska (especially from Mamma Mia!) are the best way to learn the language!

How sweet this video can be?!


Nothing is changing, now.

I want to leave, now!

I’m not good at writing in English, and this is my first post completely written in English but I have to do it, I need it. I wrote in the letter for the family that my blog is both in Italian and in English, then I realized that there is only one post in English, so I have to repair.

Time slows too fast. This year is passing too fast as a stolen kiss or as a goodbye before a long trip.

I started listening to some Swedish lessons that talks about daily topics, I understand some words and I am very proud of this.

Today I started and completed the second part of the SLEP test (an English test STS gives exchange students) and it was a little difficult but it was ok!

Since September there were persons who have gone away: someone who I realized were not good friends, and someone now I would like to get back, but when you make mistakes you cannot look back, and you have to look beyond.

The title of the post is reported to my undefined mood. Air is something of empty, but also full of  life. Like me in this days. I do not want to do nothing, but at the same time I want to do everything and leave.

This is a very cute song and…wow! Here it is also sung in Stockholm!

But since today, this is definitely my favorite song because very full of emotion.

I have a severe headache and I am trying to cure my flu, so I am going to take my medicine. I am happy of the lenght of this post (in English!!!!!)

See you soon!


Ultimamente ho tralasciato un po’ il blog, ma ritorno a scrivere. Sono stata ufficialmente presa per la Svezia, perchè il colloquio in inglese e lo slep test (superato con 11 errori su 74 risposte) sono andati bene. Entro il 18 marzo devo consegnare la documentazione e da li inizierà l’attesa per la famiglia, che sceglie lo studente a seconda delle preferenze e delle restrizioni scritte nella documentazione, e per come lo studente si è descritto.

Per ora tutto tranquillo, anche se non vedo l’ora di partire, di scoprire questa nuova vita completamente sconosciuta, anche se ovviamente ho molta paura.

Ieri sera sono andata al concerto dei 2 Cellos al Circolo degli Artisti qui a Roma. Serata stupenda, e ho anche rimediato una foto e gli autografi. Indimenticabile….



Sempre ieri ho iniziato a leggere “La ragazza senza volto” di Jo Nesbø, che come sempre trascina il lettore e lo mette in tensione fino alla fine.

Spero di trovare qualcosa di meglio da raccontare nel prossimo post… a presto!