Nothing is changing, now.

I want to leave, now!

I’m not good at writing in English, and this is my first post completely written in English but I have to do it, I need it. I wrote in the letter for the family that my blog is both in Italian and in English, then I realized that there is only one post in English, so I have to repair.

Time slows too fast. This year is passing too fast as a stolen kiss or as a goodbye before a long trip.

I started listening to some Swedish lessons that talks about daily topics, I understand some words and I am very proud of this.

Today I started and completed the second part of the SLEP test (an English test STS gives exchange students) and it was a little difficult but it was ok!

Since September there were persons who have gone away: someone who I realized were not good friends, and someone now I would like to get back, but when you make mistakes you cannot look back, and you have to look beyond.

The title of the post is reported to my undefined mood. Air is something of empty, but also full of  life. Like me in this days. I do not want to do nothing, but at the same time I want to do everything and leave.

This is a very cute song and…wow! Here it is also sung in Stockholm!

But since today, this is definitely my favorite song because very full of emotion.

I have a severe headache and I am trying to cure my flu, so I am going to take my medicine. I am happy of the lenght of this post (in English!!!!!)

See you soon!


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