Welcome family!

How can I start? So, yesterday at 2 p.m. I was waiting for the bus. Rome in this day is very hot (almost 38°) and I was praying the bus arrived. When my mum called to give me the happy notice I started laughing and jumping attracting over me the sights of tens of persons. It has been wonderful!

The Andersson family is composed by dad Micael, mum Katarina, sister Rebecca who is fourteen and brother Marcus who is eleven. They are very sporty and music lovers, everyone of them has a particular hobby. Who sings in a choir, who plays guitar or piano, who likes alpine skiing, swimming, rollerblading, biking and floorball. I sent them an e-mail and I look forward to the answer.

Their house is in Uddeholm (667 inhabitants), in the municipality of Hagfors which is 12.167  inhabitants. I will attend the Älvstrandsgymnasiet ( älvstrand means “river bank”) in Hagfors and everyday I will take the bus for nine kilometers surrounded by nature (so much love). I did not found so much about Uddeholm, but I know it is also the name of a famous steel industry.

These are some photos I found

Hagfors Church

Hagfors Church

Hagfors and the school in the foreground

Hagfors and the school in the foreground

Church interior

Church interior

For what concerns the school it is located in the Älvstranden bildningscentrum that is really beautiful and cool!




Älvstranden Bildningscentrum4

Älvstranden Bildningscentrum3


Älvstranden Bildningscentrum

Älvstranden Bildningscentrum2

All is perfect, but I think I (unfortunately) will not see the Aurora, but anything could happen, so I am hopeful!

I will leave on 15 August and the school will start on 19 August. I look forward to! Today I started two lessons of Livemocha Swedish course.

Hej då!!!

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