Today in Sweden the night of midsummer is celebrated.

This morning I received the answers to the e-mails I sent to my local representative in Sweden and my host-family. Today it is also my birthday and it is been a nice gift.

The family writes me both in English and Swedish and it is intriguing to try to read and understand some words. Someday we will do a video call together.

I like Swedish people, they are serious, formal but not for this unkind. They do not put smiles every line like Italians (often we are too stupid), but they transmit safety, care and love in the same amount. If you meet another culture you have to open your mind and turn out prejudices, as it has been said this morning during the STS meeting.

Yesterday I prepared a chocolate and coffee cake from a Swedish recipe for my birthday and it was very very good


I am happy to know the family, but in this period relationships with friends have improved a lot and I know go away and stop temporarily contacts it will not be so easy. But I dreamed of Sweden for almost two years and I will work completely to reach the best results in this experience.

In this period I do not like to write challenging posts, maybe because I do not want to think in English, but I will repair!.

See you!

P.S. Just today I learn to say “trevligt att träffa dig” that is “nice to meet you”


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