Fyrtiofem dagar tills lämna!

Also this week is over, six weeks to go. Lately I have a lot of difficulty to write in English, I do not know why but my English is shutting down, and my motivation of learn Swedish too. And it is a big problem.

I have the flight, I will leave on 15 August and I will be in Sweden on 4.40 p.m. I am really excited about it!

I enjoyed another group on facebook where are assembled students will leave with STS, and they particularly come from Sweden and Norway.

I discovered this wonderful channel on youtube, he is a great teacher of Swedish language (:

… and the Svenska channel

He also has a website:


Saturday 22 June was my birthday and I also received the answers from my host family and my coordinator in Sweden, after that, this week has been very challenging.

On Wednesday my mum and me went to the concert Franco Battiato held at the Auditorium of Santa Cecilia. He is not only a singer, he is a great poet, I will bring to Sweden his songs. He is one of the most famous singers from Italy I suggest you to listen, even if they sing only in Italian. Other singers I like are Lucio Battisti, Rino Gaetano and Antonello Venditti.

Mr. Tambourine Man I do not want to joke
wear the shirt the times are going to change
we are children of the stars and great-grandchildren of his majesty the money.
Luckily my racism does not make me look
those programs idiotic forums with electoral
and are willing to put perfumes and deodorants
you are like quicksand pull down uh uh.
There are those who put sunglasses
to have more charisma and symptomatic mystery
uh how difficult it is to remain father when the children grow up and mothers whitening.
How many squalid figures crossing the country
how miserable life in the abuse of power.

On the bridge waving the white flag
on deck waving the white flag
on deck waving the white flag
on deck waving the white flag.

A Beethoven and Sinatra prefer the ‘salad
Vivaldi ‘s raisins that gives me more calories
uh! it is difficult to remain calm and indifferent
while all around making noise
in this age of crazy idiots we lacked horror.
I heard shots in a downtown street
how stupid chickens in a fist fight for nothing
minimum immoralia
minimum immoralia
submerged and especially from garbage music.

On the bridge etc..

Minimum immoralia …
The end
my only friend this is the end
etc. on the


Mr. Tamburino non ho voglia di scherzare
rimettiamoci la maglia i tempi stanno per cambiare
siamo figli delle stelle e pronipoti di sua maestà il denaro.
Per fortuna il mio razzismo non mi fa guardare
quei programmi demenziali con tribune elettorali
e avete voglia di mettervi profumi e deodoranti
siete come sabbie mobili tirate giù uh uh.
C’è chi si mette degli occhiali da sole
per avere più carisma e sintomatico mistero
uh com’è difficile restare padre quando i figli crescono e le mamme imbiancano.
Quante squallide figure che attraversano il paese
com’è misera la vita negli abusi di potere.

Sul ponte sventola bandiera bianca
sul ponte sventola bandiera bianca
sul ponte sventola bandiera bianca
sul ponte sventola bandiera bianca.

A Beethoven e Sinatra preferisco l’ insalata
a Vivaldi l’ uva passa che mi dà più calorie
uh! com’è difficile restare calmi e indifferenti
mentre tutti intorno fanno rumore
in quest’epoca di pazzi ci mancavano gli idioti dell’orrore.
Ho sentito degli spari in una via del centro
quante stupide galline che si azzuffano per niente
minima immoralia
minima immoralia
e sommersi soprattutto da immondizie musicali.

Sul ponte ecc.

minima immoralia…
The end
my only friend this is the end
sul ponte ecc.

And I come to seek
just to see you or talk
because I need your presence
to better understand my essence.
This popular sentiment
arises from mechanical divine
a mystical rapture and sensual
I imprisons you.
Should I change the object of my desires
not content with small everyday joys
make like a hermit
that self-denial.
And I come to seek
with the excuse of having to speak
because I like to think and what you say
because in you I see my roots.
This century now at the end
saturated with parasites without dignity
only pushes me to be better
with more desire.
Emanciparmi from the nightmare of the passions
try the One above the Good and Evil
be a divine image
of this reality.
And I come to seek
because I’m fine with you
because I need your presence


E ti vengo a cercare
anche solo per vederti o parlare
perché ho bisogno della tua presenza
per capire meglio la mia essenza.
Questo sentimento popolare
nasce da meccaniche divine
un rapimento mistico e sensuale
mi imprigiona a te.
Dovrei cambiare l’oggetto dei miei desideri
non accontentarmi di piccole gioie quotidiane
fare come un eremita
che rinuncia a sé.
E ti vengo a cercare
con la scusa di doverti parlare
perché mi piace ciò che pensi e che dici
perché in te vedo le mie radici.
Questo secolo oramai alla fine
saturo di parassiti senza dignità
mi spinge solo ad essere migliore
con più volontà.
Emanciparmi dall’incubo delle passioni
cercare l’Uno al di sopra del Bene e del Male
essere un’immagine divina
di questa realtà.
E ti vengo a cercare
perché sto bene con te
perché ho bisogno della tua presenza

Last Saturday I met some of the skaters I know and the sadness won on my desire of not think too much about the departure. Luckily my friends of skating group always succeed in making me feel happy. This sadness maybe came also from the fact that I will not bring rollerblades with me in Sweden, because after three months it could snow. Between rollerblades, my sleeping bag and skis (if they fit to me yet), I would choose skis.

On Friday I saw PIF near my house, who is a young journalist that works for MTV and interviews famous persons. Below there is the link for the one with Roberto Saviano, famous journalist, writer and essayist, known for his inquiries about Camorra.


My host family will be in Rome for four days, a week before the time I will be there. My (two) families will meet and I am excited also because I could be their guide.

Observing my blog I noticed it is composed by a lot of bits of life, fleeting emotions and feelings. I hope once arrived in Sweden the posts will be more uniform.

I am on vacation with my family in the house we have between Terracina and Sperlonga, and we will stay for the full month of July. Then I will prepare the luggage and meet the family in Rome.

Now I go to the terrace to see the stars with my family.

I left you with some songs I added to the playlist “Flyger mot Sverige”

I recommend you to see “The Truman show” and “Into the wild”, I have always loved them and now I like them as an exchange student.

See you!

God natt!


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