Just drink a cup of te!

Just want to say something about this day. I think this was the saddest day I have had since I was here. I cried a lot and a not good thing is that I do not feel good after this, at the opposite than the other times I did it. But now there will be a night to sleep well and I know that tomorrow will be better. One of the thing I figured out is that I am giving too much importance to school and study. Yes it is true, I am here to attend a Swedish school, but when I have tests I study a lot and my brain would kill me. So I will stop, and I will take it easy with study, then it will come!

Now I am very happy (yes and very confused too) because after this I cannot say that my experience is going bad, but I like to see it from another perspective, and say that I will be stronger than other exchange that have not problems with making friends. Yes, I will be stronger, and this is a good point.

Tomorrow is my last day of the week and then I will join the twenty-eight students from all over the world in Göteborg, and I look forward!

An italian exchange student made this very nice video about his life in Washington. Just take a look!


When I was watching this video I started to translate it to my host father, good news about my English!

If you have bad periods an advice that I can give you is to sit at a table drinking a cup of te or kaffe with a kanelbulle, or anything else if you are not in Sweden. You will be very relaxed after a day of translation! Try it!



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