Take it easy (Ta det lungt!)

After the week end spent with STS guys everyhing works better than the last weeks. It seems like I forgot how to make friends because of the changing of culture and language and so many other things. So now it is really easier to talk with people and above all I do not care that I do not have so many friends right now. After that, we are on the good way to enjoy the Interrail trip I talked about in the last post. My hfather talked with STS this morning and they asked us to present a list of our names and the places where we want to go day by day, so it is not so difficult but it is stuff! The way my host parents want to help me is touching, I really love them!

So once arrived to home after school I will have to plan the travel (I really love to do it) and send it to STS, then we will see if they will authorise but I think so, we are in the good way!

See you!


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