“Just travel” and first snow

“Traveling the length and breadth of the world I met magnificent dreamers, men and women who stubbornly believe in dreams. They maintain them, cultivate them, share them, multiply them. I humbly, in my own way, have done the same.”
“Viaggiando in lungo e in largo per il mondo ho incontrato magnifici sognatori, uomini e donne che credono con testardaggine nei sogni. Li mantengono, li coltivano, li condividono, li moltiplicano. Io umilmente, a modo mio, ho fatto lo stesso.”
Luis Sepulveda

(Yes, what you see down in the photo is a frozen spiderweb!)


I needed to write a lot this week and I will continue now. Just explain news about Interrail trip I was planning with other exchange students. This was the first plan we talked about, but the association did not allow us to go so far, then we had to change plans, and this is the second and final plan we made yesterday night. Ok, I have to say that the first MAYBE was a little too confused and tiring and I really love the second plan, especially what we will do the last three days. We will probably add Helsingør in Denmark since we have free ticket for ferries included in the Interrail One Country ticket. My hfather helped me to book the hostel so we can finally say that we will leave, and it is good since there is just a week left!

Below if you want you can see the entire plan

After that, I just want to let you know that everything is getting better, as I already said after Göteborg camp. For my Spanish class on Monday, that is smaller than the other with which I have the rest of the lessons, I will make an Italian cake, trying to make them I little more curious about Italy.

On Tuesday I came back home walking, just an hour and a half surrounded by nature, I love Swedish woods.

Yesterday night it snowed here in Uddeholm but just a little and yesterday there was just ice on the streets, but you could see snow on the mountains in front of the school.

Today I slept a lot and then we made Autumn gardening works, consisting in clean the entire garden (and it is big!) and accumulate the leaves near the lake. It was very nice to do it because it was a sunny day, cold but sunny. We will maybe have snow during the end of next week so it was good to do everything today.

I think that during the Interrail trip I will make videos (I want to do this since I arrived, but I am terribly lazy, I am sorry!) where I will explain where we will be and  what we will be doing, something in Italian, something in English och kanske något på Svenska!

I took a look on a book Katarina gave me about all Sweden, I mean what to do and see in every city or little town in Sweden and when I found Stockholm, the first words I read were “alla vägar leder till Stockholm” ehm, was not the phrase about Rome the first to be written? ahaha just joking!

Next week on Friday I will have social science and psychology prov and it is the first time I have not really figured out what to study, so it will be very tiring to study everything this week!

See you next post, and check photos 😉


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