Waiting for Bålsta, Stockholm and Interrail trip

Never been so excited since I arrived to Sweden, or maybe yes, but I feel very happy now!

Tomorrow after school (and psychology prov too, oh min god!) we will go to Bålsta to live two nights by my hfamily´s friends because we have to enjoy the meeting of dyslexia in Sollentuna. It will be a chance for me to meet other exchange students in Stockholm before the Interrail trip and to visit the city, so I am really excited. I would really like to visit the Drottningholm Palace and Skansen and the Pippi Långstrump village (Junibacken). The plan for Saturday is that we will probably meet in the house of one of the German girls that will enjoy the trip and we will bake something and then we will go to Stockholm. The rest has still to be arranged.

In Örebro that is the first stop we will meet with others exchange students. So it is going to be even nicer than how it was.

I will not have a computer with me starting from tomorrow to the end of the next week and I think I will not find the way to publish updating, maybe in the hostel I can….but I will take a loooot of photos and when I will return I will publish a lot of news and the pages of my travel diary (I hope to be good in that!).

I cannot explain the feeling I have thinking about a trip with exchange students from a lot of different countries, with common feelings, dreams and thoughts. A nice company with the addition of a wonderful trip to explore the south of Sweden, just beautiful.

I finally finished to pack my trekking backpack for the trip of the next week and I am really tired so now I go to bed.

Vi ses, godnatt!


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