Advent is coming…


Just some photos and fast news because I do not want to write so much since I am very tired.

So, this week has been very nice, I talked with a lot of people from the different lessons that I attend and that made me very happier. For what concerns the Swedish learning, I am in that period in which I think I cannot speak a word, and it is what actually happens, but I just need to wait because it is a natural reaction to the learning of a new language.

Today I finally tidied up my room and decorate it with Christmas things, waiting for the advent. In Sweden the first advent is a very important day. Everyone put up lights and candles inside on the windows, and outside on a tree and on the door. Even if there are a lot of different decorations in every house, passing by the road you will always see the same star and the same lamp turned on, the same as the photo below.

So I vacuumed my room, changed the curtains, cleaned EVERYTHING, and put “cozy” Christmas things and candles on the table. I have a wonderful snow globe on my bedside table and a sweet dwarf (tomten) on my desk.

I also created a nice advent calendar with a lot of candies (godis) inside!

This is the result:

This week snowed for two days, but just for some minutes! I really want snow, advent without snow it is not a Swedish thing, and we are in late this year, has been told to me, and it is very sad, but I wait hopeful!

Yesterday I have been to Karlstad with my family to see the musical of Shrek (in Swedish of course). I love musicals and I could understand a lot and that made me happy. Today as I said I tidied my room and made a “Block countdown advent calendar” of which I will post some photos tomorrow (the glue had to dry a little more).

Tomorrow I will bake with Katarina the “saffransbullar” or “lussekatter” one of the most traditional Christmas sweet here in Sweden because in the afternoon we will have a concert with our choir in the bystuga, that is a neighbours´ shared house in Uddeholm, and then all the choir will stay by us to take a fika together. But we have to bake also for all the people that will come to the advent concert, so tomorrow it will be very tiring, but we will have fun!

On Monday I will go to Karlstad to visit the university. I sent an e-mail and they gave me a sort of “appointment” (so proud of this!) where I will ask the things I want to know thinking about a future transfer after I will be done with the Italian school.

Take a look on the new category in the blog that is called “Svensk fika och något annat!

I go to bed now, see you!




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