Cakepops for Valentine´s day and a little about Swedish culture

I have just found out this cute candy good for every party or celebrations, and I was thinking to make it on Valentine´s day for my host family and my Swedish friends. Some way to decorate them are icing sugar and marzipan…. 😛

I also found out this italian website about how to make and decorate cakes.

Beside the animal (I talked about it two posts ago), every Swedish region has also fish, mushrooms, flowers, birds, folk songs,  apples, gems, mosses, constellations, chemical elements and traditional dishes, that represents the landscape. I really like this thing!

The Värmland (the region where I live) symbols are the wolf, the loon, the smelt, the brown grass butterfly, the chickweed, the hygrophorus camarophyllus, bartramia pomiformis, the kyanitequartzite, manganese, capricorn, nävgröt and raggmunk (dishes), Ack Värmeland, du sköna (folk song). Here is the original test and the translation (I sing it with one of the two choirs where I sing here in Sweden)

Ack Värmeland, du sköna, du härliga land
du krona bland Svea Rikes länder!
Och komme jag ock mitt i det förlovade land, till Värmeland jag ändock återvänder.

Ja, där vill jag leva, ja, där vill jag dö.
Om en gång ifrån Värmeland jag tager mig en mö, så vet jag att aldrig jag mig ångrar.

I Värmeland – ja, där vill jag bygga och bo, med enklaste lycka förnöjder.
Dess dalar och skog ge mig tystnadens ro och luften är frisk på dess höjder.

Och forsarna sjunga sin ljuvliga sång. Vid den vill jag somna så stilla en gång och vila i värmländska jorden.


Oh Värmeland, you beautiful, you magnificent landYou crown jewel among Sweden’s provinces

And If ever I should reach the Promised Land

I would still return to my beloved Värmeland.

If one day I take me a bride from VärmelandI know it’s something I shall never regret.

For there I want to live, there I want to die

If one day I take me a bride from Värmeland

I know it’s something I shall never regret

And to finish, this is the Swedish national anthem

 sang during the celebration of the national day (6th June). Here is the Swedish test and the English translation. And here there is the full song. Hope you will enjoy listening!

Even this famous folk music group has to be remembered, it remember me of my childhood, because I always used to listen to them with my family. This video shows how Sweds behave when the summer comes. Look forward to feel the adrenaline in me! And maybe to go to Stockholm to hear this concert!

Have a nice day!





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