Do you want to play?!


I just want to introduce you to a game that I have just invented, in occasion of my hundredth article on this blog  (even if this is just the eightieth, the game starts now)

The only thing that you have to do if you want to be in it, is this:

-You have to connect on Twitter and tweet the link of my blog (even without www.) and add to it @rossella22696 . You can even tweet using the bottom at the end of every post! In this tweet remember to write three words or facts that you think about when you hear the word “Sweden” (if you write IKEA you will have to write four words/facts ahahah)

Everyone that participates to the game will receive a postcard from Sweden (from who? me of course!) (ett vykort!) written in Swedish. If someone wants to know more can contact me on rossella [dot] tatti [at] gmail [dot] com but when it will be the time to do it, I will check everyone that will have tweeted and I will ask for the addresses.

Everyone as I said will receive a postcard, but there will be five persons that I will raffle, that will receive even a little gift that I will send from Sweden. They will be little souvenirs from Sweden (the newsstand/bookshop in Hagfors is full of them). Something that I have already thought about is:

-a little desk calendar written in swedish, with the Swedish names and Swedish traditional days

-a keychain with an elk

When I will be writing the hundredth post on this blog, I will publish in it a video, where I will “fish names” and I will assign the prizes. In the video I will talk both in Italian and English, so I hope it will not be a mess (I will train a lot before, do not be worry!)

So, that´s it. Enjoy this game and good luck!!!

See you!

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