Mmmm…sei mesi qui-six months here

24 February

I write this post a little in late then I wanted, so it is not going to be that nice as I would like to, but I just want to take note of this week that it has been full of things.

19 February

It was the day of the next-last final between Sweden and Slovakia. We went in the class of the Swedish lesson, the teacher told use about our work and then said: “I am an ice-hockey lover and i put my computer outside in the corridor, and I know than many of you are waiting eagerly to hear what I am going to say. So, if you promise to work and to have your homework finished after the next week, you can go out with your chair and watch the match”. We went out and Internet did not work that good. So we went inside again and the teacher tried everything to make it work on the projector in the classroom. Sweden is boring a lot of times, but sometimes it surprise you!

Yesterday, the 23rd, Sweden played against Canada for the final, of course they loose, but I mean, we reached the final!

20 February

On Thursday we went to the ice-hockey rink to watch a funny match between the team of innebandy and the team of ice-hockey. Before Christmas they had played an innebandy match, with a score of 14-4 (guess who won 😉 ) and this match instead, finished with 15-3 for the ice-hockey team.

We froze completely. We got to the rink walking through the woods, full of snow of course! and the rink is in Hagfors…mmm…we can say that is not like the Löfbergs Arena that is in Karlstad, and it is just a little colder then it!

But it has been a nice day, loose some lessons is never bad, especially in the Swedish schools, where you get very bored!

21 February

On Friday it was the National day of the mother tongues, in Swedish “Modersmåldag”. a day recognized by Unesco since fifteen years ago. In my school is full of strangers and every year they organize something to celebrate it. Everyone prepared traditional foods of their lands, and someone danced traditional dance, someone sang. My class and me prepared under two weeks, divided in groups, different news about Sweden. I was lucky and I have been in the groups that had to show something about foods and then we had to cook something of course! So I prepared a lot of chokladbollar and other friends prepared something else. I could have made some Italian foods, but it was not sure that I would have had a place on a table, but it was not a bad choice because otherwise I would have been alone. I preferred to stay with my class and it went very good, I went around with some friends to taste every single food, I talked with people I did not talk with from Christmas, and it was wonderful to realize how far I have come with the Swedish!

I made a lot of photos on Friday, and you can take a look to them going here

There should be few more days like “Modersmåldag”, the atmosphere was very nice!

About my Swedish mistakes

The day before I said to Katarina “Imorgon det ska vara en full dag!” what I wanted to say was /´”tomorrow the day will be very full”, with humor of course! but unluckily, full in Swedish is said “fullt” and with full they means “drunk” so what I said was “tomorrow the day will be drunk”, yeah it makes sense, does not?

22 February

On Saturday we went all together to Karlstad to see the innebandy match Rebecca played near the city. After that we went to the shopping-mall to buy something to wear for the baptism (dop) of one of the niece of Katarina, that will take place on Sunday. We ate Thai (finally without kött! (meat) ) and then we came back. At home we watched the Melodifestivalen but the last eight singers were very bad. And the less bad have not been choosed! What a pity!

After that in my room I watched “Hur många lingoln finns det i världen?” (How many lingonberry are there on the world?). I did not need to read the plot because I could understand everything, happiness! The day after I watched “Hur många kramar finns det i världen?” (How many hugs are there in the world?). Some months ago I watched “Små citroner gula” and all this three films I recommend to you!

Today, 24 February

Jag vill söva söva söva, bara söva!

I woke up at 8.00, had an easy breakfast and then went up again in the bed, to read the Swedish book for the language exam. After an hour I started to sleep again, until 11.00, and then until 12.00. Ok, I have been very Swedish today!

I went down to prepare some Italian pizzas (Italian link) that Katarina loved and we talked for one hour and a half about the “Swedish teenagers and the difficult they have to decide to do something”, thing that happens even more in little villages like Hagfors, of course! She told me that when Micael and her moved from Södertälje (city near Stockholm) to Bålsta (a village near Stockholm) it happened something really funny. One night they decided to go to the cinema and asked to some neighbors to hang out with them but they asked when and they answered “now!” and they said no right away. Katarina and Micael said if they had something to do instead and they said they did not. So Katarina laughed a little and remembered that there is actually something “wrong” with the Swedish when you have to plan something. I read something on it before come to Sweden, but I could not realize it could have been so much different from Italy. When I am in Rome and I want to do something I call a friend and just ask how much time she/he needs to get ready, and it goes from 15 minutes to one hour, we meet and decide what to do, easy, fast, and funny! I could not live more than an year with a so different way of “meeting”, actually a “no-meeting way”.

Now it is six months that I have been here. I see a lot of changes in me, so many that I cannot explain them, but I know they are here, I feel them in every second of my life, maybe now a little less because I got used to them (jag har blivit van, mi sono abituata). I feel curious about everything, and respectfull towards things I did not use to be “open” to before this experience. I revalued my life in Rome, and I am ready to give the best of me when I will be back, to live everything more and learn more. But I look forward to give and to get the best from this four and a half months left. I am going to do a lot of things with my host-family and I will still experience a lot of Swedish tradition, and I hope that through my blog I will be able to make you curios about this wonderful country, full of traditions, nature, a little too boring “sometimes” but it is just another face of Europe, another face of lifestyle.

Wish you the best!

See you


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