First problems faced knowing (nearly) four languages and a normal Friday as an exchange student

Did not know to write after a so short time after the last post.
I feel very relaxed because it is finally Friday, this week has been one of the most long since I have been here. We came from the baptism with the car and it took nearly four hours, and of course we were very tired.
Could not sleep very good this week coz’ of a little homesickness I had from Friday and sometimes the more you are tired the less you are able to sleep good.
It is very windy outside. The weather has been awful from the start of the year, nearly only five days of sun. We need sun! But I have to say that I am “pretty happy” waking up with the sun. I mean, sun it is a big word, do not seen it since two weeks, but to have light is enough!
I start to know a lot of words in Swedish and sometimes I do not remember English words I was used to use a lot, and I cannot explain why some words are so different from a language to another. I mean of course they are, but sometimes it is very difficult to recognize and remember the same meaning in different languages. In Swedish when it is windy you say “det blåser” (“it blows”) and it is not an adjective but a verb. In Italian we have a difference more, in fact we say “c´è vento” (there is wind) and today I hardly looked for an expression that could sound the same as the Swedish one!. It is normal that every language has a lot of differences but it is difficult to be aware of it. A good thing for the English language, you become used learning Swedish, is to do not put too many times the word “the”. A very bad threat for us Italians!
My mum yesterday went to my school to subscribe me for the next and last year I will attend. I called her when I was in school and to talk in Italian was very difficult for me, since now that I know the Swedish language, every voice I heard talking with my mum was not just a noise, but had a meaning, and to separate the meanings was very difficult, I needed to concentrate. Do you know the feeling when you hear someone’s voice without really listen with interest, thought you understand a lot? Ok, this definitely does not happens with an exchange student after some months fighting between his mother tongue and his host language.
An hairpin fall down on the floor and a friend collected it to give it to me. I was talking with my mum and I said “grazie” instead of “tack”. But I think to deal with a lot of languages is very funny, thought very hard sometimes.
Three days a week we finish school at 4 p.m. and I have to take the bus to go home. There is one of my classmates that takes the same bus of mine and we talk a lot. I remember that before Christmas when I could not speak Swedish I was very afraid to take the bus with someone I knew because I could not say anything! Now it is completely different. Yesterday on the bus I pressed the stop button but the driver did not notice it. He asked who was that wanted to stop and I said in Swedish “det var jag” (it was me) and he apologized with arms and I said “det gör inget” (it is not a deal) and I got off the bus. Some months ago the stop button did not work and I could not even say “the button does not work”. A little difference!
When I write in English, I think in Swedish. If I talk in Italian sometimes I do not remember difficult words. When I talk in Swedish, the Italian is never with me anymore, I only use the English. Reading and listening in French is like to do it in Italian.
Yesterday we had to write an essay in English with maximum 600 words. It went very bad, I wrote 1000 and I have to cut a lot!
Could not take the Swedish as a second language’s text because the teacher did not have the time to pick the papers, but it is not a big deal, I was very tired and it will go better next week then it would have been yesterday!
Today we had a maths text in the first hour and a half that went pretty good, and then we had a French text. I did just the listening text for French and it went very good. We had to listen the teacher reading something in French and then write what the text talked about in Swedish. I wrote notes in French, Italian, English and Swedish, to be able to write the most in Swedish. I have the draft somewhere, maybe for someone is funny to see it.
My host mother told me today about a thing happened in school. One boy of her students (6 years old), while was playing with one of his Swedish friends, kissed him on the cheek saying to him “I am in love with you”. At first the Swedish boy showed a strange face, but then they went to play as usual. Was it just a result of the age of the children or this should be a good example for everyone?
The weather is going to be better in the week end and we could even have 10°! I am going to start to run and stay outside all the time the sun will shine!
Today we played floor-ball and fot-boll during the physical education’s lesson and I had fun! Rebecca and me trained in the gym of the school after the lesson. We decided to do it also during the long pause we have on Thursday around lunch time. Target to get fit, do not scare me!
From the weather forecast it looks like tomorrow the sun is returning to shine again. I will go out
On Sunday Katarina and me will sing in the church of Hagfors with the Hagfors’ choir.
Today after school we went to the “Godis butik” that is the candies’ shop. Did not buy anything and did not eat anything, was I strong? 😛
I mean they are not normal, in a little town like Hagfors such a number of candies is too much!!! What do you think? I am kidding of course 🙂
Keep in touch! 🙂


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