Italy, something about you (First part)

So, hello to everyone again! This post has been written yesterday night, but I could share it just today because yesterday I tried to let as many persons as possible to believe to this post, a simple April trick! I am sorry for who got angry about it!

This week I started to see how fast time is running here in Sweden.

I do not mean that I did not feel it before, but the winter started to pass away and the spring is coming, and this made the things easier.

With this I mean that a difficult side of living here in Sweden is the big difference of light hours starting from September until December, and even if the days started to extend just before Christmas, you are not able to see a big difference until the middle of February.

This did not help me to think “the time is going fast, I have to live these days!” because there was not actually a real day! The hours I spent in school was the only ones the sun shined…and then, to add something worse, this year during the winter we had the sun almost never. And from the start of the year until the middle of February, if not longer, we had just five days of sun.

So, every day I used to think that I looked forward to the coming of spring, and so the time flew. Maybe I am talking too much, every exchange students feel the time running away, but I like to write even without a reason and sometimes “inventing” or just changing perspective of things.

We had a maths test today and it went pretty well, but I think there was an exercise I did wrong because I did not know a word, but I expect to get 12 points out of 21, so I will not have F and not E either, that is something really satisfying! (Never say never, this night, after the test, I dreamed that I will get F!)

It is wonderful how I concentrated so much to do a test that does not influenced at all none of my grades in Italy, and how I really commit myself to do every test since it started the new semester in school.

This is the second part of the post 🙂

Bye bye!

One thought on “Italy, something about you (First part)

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