A strange feeling after the Easter break

Today an exchange student from Germany has been killed in USA. It is true, he was in a place where he should not have been, but it is terrible that because of the weapons permission the owner of that garage shot two times to a boy of seventeen.

Rest in peace.


27nd April 2014
I just got in my bed, finally at home.
My feet are hurting, we walked a lot and it was very hot every time, starting from the morning.
I really missed to write the blog and now I have like ten days to write about, and this stops me a little, but I will find the time 😀

I will talk about the last week in the next days, now I just want to say how I feel in this moment. I got off from the train from Stockholm at 20,10 and Micael and Rebecca picked up me at the station in Karlstad. We talked a lot despite I thought I would have been very tired to talk, but we were happy to see each other again. I missed the countryside a lot, being in Stockholm has been very tiring. Thinking that Stockholm has just one third of the inhabitants of Rome, I think how difficult it will be once back home.


I am used to little places now, to trees everywhere, to the silence and to the song of the birds, no smog and no traffic.

But I was thinking about the strange feeling I had once at home. We drove more or less for an hour to Uddeholm. The sun was shining and the sky clear.
We talked a lot and my Swedish was better then the last week, because during the week end with the other exchange students I did not talk that much Swedish because everyone lives in different host countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland). During all the travel I felt very happy, something was different. The spring has arrived, days are getting longer every day more, and a lot more. I missed Värmland, a little more north than Stockholm, with longer days.
Yesterday for the first time, I went to bed with the sun (nearly) still shining. The sky was blue and I decided to do not take down completely the curtains because wake up with the sun and go to sleep with a lightly sky it is wonderful.
The feeling I had on the way grew up always more, until we arrived to Uddeholm, and there my body showed it to me as clear as possible. What I felt was exactly how I felt when I arrived here in Sweden, at 22.00 of the 15th of August, last year. I was very happy that day, so excited to start a new life, to start to live far from my family, to learn a lot about Sweden. It was not so much different from that day, when yesterday we arrived at home. I had almost the same luggages, my STS backpack and the pink trolley. It was almost day, there was the sun. And it was not cold, it was almost 15°.

Yesterday I had a lot of deja-vu one after the other. My host father said to me when we were in the car: “När gick vi i sängen, Katta och jag sa “det finns någon som saknar!”, vi måste säga att du saknades mycket hemma!” (When we went to bed, Katta and me said “there is someone missing!”, we have to say that you were missed a lot at home!”. So I was very very happy, because feel completely in a family it is not easy.

And maybe a little of my happiness is because of the spring and because I have just only two months. Two months and then I will find my old life, even if nothing will be like before, everything will change and I am sure it will be very difficult to get used again to my old/new life. But when you have two months left, and the Easter break before them helps you to relax a little and get a lot of Swedish in your head, you start with more energy and you do not think about homesickness and what you miss, but you even realize that maybe going “home” now it is not the first thing you would like to do. Especially when the spring finally arrived to Sweden.
I have to go, I will write a lot about the last week, I will post a lot of photos and write the most as I can during this two months, to end as best as I can the spring part of the blog.
Have a great time



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