Some random news and Valborg

So, I am at school, writing on the school computer about some days of this week.

I am almost sleeping. We start at 10 with an hour of reading during the Swedish lesson (and the book is in Swedish!), then we have physic, omg! After this we have lunch, then economy and then the second part of the maths test. The first part done yesterday went pretty good, and we even had an English National test that all the students of the first and second year did from 8.10 to 9.30. We had to write about role models and who has been our role model during our life. We had to write between 250 and 600 words and I wrote 550, pretty good.

I am almost sleeping because the sun does not go down before 20.00 and at 21 it is almost day…and at 22,30 it is still not completely dark!

I can close the eyes to sleep (am I not very smart?! 😛 ) but if I just think that out it is still not completely dark, I cannot sleep! And in the morning I always wake up at 6! Have to find a solution.

This morning having breakfast I said to my family “jag måste hitta en lösning!” I have to find a solution! and we laughed about my problem. They are used to this, and do not have problems to sleep! During winter I used to go to bed at 20,00 and sleep at 21,00….I was very tired! Now At 21.00 it is still lightly, I do not feel tired at all, even if you actually are! And you feel like an anxious feeling because the crepuscle never seems to end! It is going to be worse than the winter, we will not see the dark for two months, starting in just some days!!! No I am joking, nothing can be worse than a Swedish winter 😀

Some days ago I changed the weels of the car with my host father. He needed help and I am always looking for something new to do or learn! It was quite heavy but funny. Then we prepared pizza and ate 😛

Yesterday the weather was not so good in the morning, but around 15.00 the sky started to be clearer and clearer, so after dinner I took the bike and cycled to Råda. It was just 7 degrees but I did not need more than the sweater bought in Stockholm. The sun warmed a lot!

This morning having breakfast, my host father said that he talked with one of the neighbours and he said that every Friday and Sunday at 18.00 there is a group of inline skaters that meets at the start of Klarälvsbanan to skate to Myra, in total 25 km including the return. They skate using the sticks, like you do with the cross-country skiing. In this way you train a lot arms and abdominals, but if you are tired, and I will!!! you can still work with the legs. I look forward to try it! So this Sunday Micael and me will start to see how it is. Then another day when the sun will shine we will take the canoe on the Råda lake. I look forward.

This two months, like I felt before the Easter holidays, are going to be, and are already, the best of my experience. I mean the months I felt less sad (never felt sad!) in all the year. My family and me know each other very good now, we do not have secrets and everything it is easier.

Today is the last day of April. Here in Sweden you celebrate the day of Valborg tomorrow, and today is the Valborgafton. The so called Majbrasa is the bonfire organized in almost every village where you burn the trees and the old plants collected before the last day of April. It is a way to welcome the spring, though almost every year the weather is not of the best. Just today, it should snow!

So the “maybrasa” is done on the day before Valborg and Katarina and me will sing with the choir first in Hagfors (I am happy for this but I just hope there will not be many students from the school) and in Edebäck after. So we will sing between 19.00 and 22.00….and of course it will not be completely dark at that time. But I will take photos and show them in the next post, so stay tuned 🙂

Tomorrow is the first of May as you all know, so we do not have school, and on Friday neither (in Italy we call this “bridge”) I do not knowwhat is the word in English. So tomorrow Katarina and mewill go to Mora, in the Dalarna region, the famous place where the Dalahäst (horses of Dalarna) are produced. Micael and Marcus are there because there is a Innebandy game where Marcus will play, and Micael is the trainer, so it will be nice 🙂

Next week on Monday I have the comprehension part of the Swedish national test. I look forward to it and I am not stressed longer, because the immigrants get the same test but with different criterias of grade.

I close this post and write another one about Stockholm

I wrote a lot of post in Italian about the last week, could not share any photo because internet does not work good at home, but in some days I will be able to do it and you can take a look on them if you want 🙂

Hope you enjoy the post, see you soon



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