Stockholm with the exchange students

Hej! I will finally talk about my week end in Stockholm, where I met some exchage students that are with STS, and live in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We had fun and enjoyed the nice weather and the warm in the “big city”.

Stockholm is very nice, though Göteborg is in my heart. We went there for the first meeting with STS and I felt more at home. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and has something like 800.000 inhabitants, so it is like one third of Rome population. Göteborg (Gothenburg) is the second city of Sweden but still less peacefully than Stockholm, so maybe that is why I felt more at home, because it was more like Rome.

This was my last time in Stockholm, but I did not feel so sad because after three times I have visited it, I know it good, though I am very bad in orienteering! and I got lost with my friends a lot of time!

So in the morning I took the train to Stockholm from Åkers styckebruk where my host grandparents drove me. Once arrived I started to look for the hostel to leave my trolley. From the station to Gamla Stan where the hostel was, it normally takes twenty minutes. Right, I needed one hour to get there, but I arrived there at least!

I left the hostel talking in Swedish (you do not have to worry about your Swedish when you start to say “jag är en av utbytesstudenterna som ska sova till Söndag” I am one of the exchange students that will sleep until Sunday) and started to go around. I met with two exchange students already in Stockholm (one from Germany and one from New Zealand) and then with a girl I met on the first meeting, from Finland. Stockholm was full of cherry trees and it was warm.

We got a great time, I burned my skin and then we met with the others at the station. We got to the hostel. It was quite little and not so comfortable, but I learned to feel at home everywhere, just change the sheets on the bed and take a shower in the new place and the work is done!

We had dinner at Pizza Hut and got to the hostel. Slept good in a new place again 🙂


On Saturday I woke up early to take a shower and helped to take the breakfast from the kitchen to the “brakfast room”.

We talked about the plans and started to visit Gamla Stan a little. Ylva, one of the STS leaders, lives in Stockholm and likes to visit new place, so she knew a lot of things about the city. It was a little cold in the morning but then we stayed with t-shirts. So we visited the castle, built in Renaissance style, and full of stairs! It is not the castle where the Royal family lives, but they go there at least every Friday to meet the members of the Parliament, in a room where there is a table with all the laws books and the Bible.

A guide with a perfect British English showed us the castle (even with an Ipad) and it was very interesting, though I scratched my earrings all the time because of the sun burn .-.

Then we returned to the hostel and ate a sallad with pasta, that could not be called pasta because it sucked, but it looked like it at leastahhaha

We got some pieces of paper with photos of places in Gamla Stan, we had to find them, divided in group, and the one with the most photos took in those places, won. Then we went aroung in Gamla Stan, I shopped a magnet and a blue sweater with written “University of Stockholm” (I love it!).

The leaders decided to leave us to get alone to the place where we had dinner. And now the funny thing happens. We went first to the hostel to change clothes and rest a little, because we walked a lot during the day. Of course we did not have a clue on where the pub/bowling/restaurant was. We started to ask in Swedish and we got there, or at least, in the area. We were late and I called one of the leaders to say “vi är på vägen, men det tar tid!” we are on the way, but it takes time!”. She explained me where to go and said the name of the street. But the problem was that we had to go in “lower” level of the city, and we needed to find the stairs. The street where the stairs are, and even the stairs, are not marked on the map, though that street is very big and full of shops! So after many calls she came to pick up us, and we where like 50 metres from the stairs!

But it does not matter…we started to play bowling and then after an hour we went upstairs to eat the dinner. We talked a lot, and I laughed a lot with the other Italians, because everyone of us comes from different parts of Italy, and so everyone had different accents, it was very funny!

After that we went outside and walked back to the hostel. Near the restaurant there was the street where Olof Palme (Prime minister in the ’90s) was murdered.

On Saturday in Stockholm there was the museums’ night, so every museum was open and free entry. They left us to go alone an hour in Gamla Stan if we wanted to visit some museums. It the city mall there was a big “party” with traditional musicians and much more, so we could not go there becaus”maybe” it was kind of a mess with so much people!

In the hostel we talked a little in the common room, got some godis and “fredag”smys. At 23 we had to leave the room so we met all in the big room where some of we girls slept. It was a very big room with 14 beds! So we played, laughed and talked until 2.oo a.m. and then went to bed.

I was not very tired the morning after, luckily, because we really walked a lot!

We left the hostel a little late, 9,40 and took the tram to Skansen, a big garden with a lot of animals, traditional houses rebuilt to be shown, people in traditional clothes and much more. We had just an hour to visit it, but it was not a big deal because we where very tired. I succeeded to lost the way even in Skansen, with a map that can be followed by children, am I not the best? What a lucky that we where in two, and then we met another girl!

The day was sunny and we had lunch on the terrace of Skansen. We ate köttbullar, potatis mos och lingonsylt with the sun, no wind, and Gröna Lund and all Stockholm on the view.

After that we started to say goodbye to each other. We did it in a great way. We formed a circle, and one started to hug the one on his left side, and coninued to do it with the others after. The one that was in in his right side at the start followed him, hugging the others in the same way. It was a great way to really say goodbye to everyone and it took a lot of time!


After that we took again the tram and got to the “centre” of the city, were a park called “Kungträdsgården” was. It was a park where the king liked to walk with the Queen and it is very nice with the cherry trees everywhere. We sat on the grass (it was not real, but anyway…) where some traditional musicians where singing and playing. We made some videos talking in our different languages, we where from five different countries. It was sunny and I became even darker, finally!

After that, we started to walk everywhere, without knowing where to, without knowing to do what!

We did not know what to do actually, but we went to the hostel, then to the train station because someone had to take the train, then again to the hostel and then again back, almost two hours walking! But I finally got to the station, bought a salad at coop for my dinner and got on the train. The station was full of people, I asked some informations to find the track. I do not want to say anything bad about Sweden, but they make a mess with rails, trains and subway. When we got to the hostel with the subway we nearly got lost, there are no signals!, and then add that we did not know every name of the stations..but I stop here!

Besides…I was so happy to can speak Swedish that I asked very often for informations, I felt so happy 😀

The train arrived 25 minutes later, and we got to Karlstad with 33 minutes of late. I am used to this in Italy, but not here! ahahaha

I was so tired that I did not want neither to listen to music. So we travelled two hours and a half and I just stayed without anything to do. Or maybe I slept but I was so tired that I forgot it!

It was nice to meet my host family again, the less nice thing was to sleep with the light at 21, but I will get used, I hope!!!!

I am going to share some photos, and remember to check this link if you want to see a looooot of photos from my year in Sweden, but I am still looking for the solution to share the others because internet does not work good at home. But in some days I will fix it, so check the post if you want 🙂

I have to go because I have the Maths test

See you!



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