Of traveling and writing

I do not know why I love to write

it just came.

I remember I have always loved to write when I was in school, like for the homeworks or writing about some books.

Some months ago I opened a blog to talk about my experience, and now I feel very attached to it. I read through the posts I wrote some days before, or just some minutes before I pushed the button “share”. I really like it.

I started to pack. It sounds very funny and stupid at the same time because they are seven weeks left (and OMG, it is not so much!) but I think that this can help me to do not feel too sad when it will be the day to leave. I will not have so much time, just ten days between the end of the school and the day at the airport (49 days from now)

9 ways to travel the world for free

So it will not be so sad and I will have more time to do a lot of things during that week of summer. Things that during a cloudy Saturday do not happen so often 😛

I packed in the smallest trolley my winter clothes, and it went really good, because it just weighs 10 kg and I still have a lot of space free.

7 reasons why you should travel alone at least once in your life

It is a strange feeling the one you get starting to pack.

Sad but in the same time happy because you are leaving finding your old home, your family and your friends, and all the activities you were used to do. So, it is not a big deal. But I think I will be very sad the day of the the leaving, so it is good to start to make a part of the “sad work”.

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On the 20th June we will celebrate the day of Midsummer, a big part of the host family will come (even because they want to say goodbye to me 🙂 ) and we will stay awake all the night, or almost. The sun will not go down before 22,30 and until midnight there will be light. And then we will see the sun again at 2 a.m.. Wonderful!

The day after I will have my good-bye party, I will prepare Italian food and say goodbye to all my friends here. I do not think I will be able to sleep so much before the plane the day after, and I do not care if I will be tired. I will not have luggages to close and I want to have fun for the last time here in Sweden before I leave.

I am not running with the time, I just had a lot of time without anything to do so I write about it.

Tomorrow morning I will cycle to Råda and then in the afternoon Micael and I will try (it is the first time for me) the cross country skating, look forward to it!

Now that it is not so much time left to go back to Italy, I start to love this place like I did the first days I was here, when I was not use to this place, when I still did not feel it like my home.

So I think every day will be even fuller of things that will make happy and full of emotions, than it was the first weeks I was here.

Spring arrived, and this helps everyone to be even happier

See you!


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