(It hurts)

Time is running, help!

I already feel tired of the sadness I started to pile up. I would like to throw all the calendars, all the watches and all those things that make me aware of the time.

A year is short! Do not think about something you are unsure of, just do it!

Run the last time in the gym of the school! Because you will not have it once back in Italy

Listen with interest to every lesson you have, every day!

Eat that fat cake…

…and then go out with the bike as much as you feel.

Laugh with your friends about your mistakes with the Swedish, do it as much as you can, until you cannot breath.

Give importance to everyone you know

Sleep good in your bed, in a room you do not share

Read books in Swedish and study hard the language

Say hello to that guy

…then stop that bike, and stand to watch that wonderful view of the lake, near which you grew up for a year.

Walk under the snow, in May, for the last time

Take the best from the lessons of French at school.

Send those postcards!

Lie on the sofa watching films with original audio (in Italy we have Italian audio)

Run back to your room to take the bus card you forgot on the table.

Close the curtains as much as you can to try to sleep, even with the light at 11.00 p.m.

…and go to sleep without turn off any lamps, because it is very bright.


It seems yesterday I cried because I felt like a mirror, still after three months in the school.

Now I am thinking that I do not want to go back. The cry now is because I do not miss Italy. I think of Rome like boring place to live. For which my routine in Sweden have nothing to envy. I live in the countryside, I feel complete.

It is incredible how little importance we give to those familiar and daily things we all experience. I am learning it here, and it will never take end.

Yesterday night I thought about staying here. I have a life here, why should I leave it here? But I cannot do it 😦

This is just a start, please say me that it is just a start!!!

I do not miss Italy. I really do not. I do not miss the traffic, the smog and the noises. I do not miss people that argue with others. I have been here eight months and I have never seen someone argue. I do not like Italians that scream. I do not like people that does not have respect. And people who only use the car.

The Romans that do not think that a greener city would be good for everyone.

And the luggages at the airport…that you have to wait hours before you can get them.

I do not like police beating peaceful demonstrators. And the football matches that paralyze the city. I do not miss at all the noise of the street when I want to sleep

The hugs, kissing on the cheeks, words overused and something more

I do not miss the Italian language. It is a so difficult language! I forgot how to speak and write good as I used to do, and I ask myself, why it is so difficult?

I do not miss to hear the news bout tens of murdered women.

I do not miss the food. I forgot how it taste, I remember the Italian food is good, but here I had to eat other things I would have never eaten in Italy. And I got used to them.

I will eat a lot of Italian food once in Rome, but after that? Where I will find the friends, and the laughs, and everything I built here?!

I cannot stand the police that always stare at us (skaters at Pincio park, in Rome) as we were bad persons


I miss the persons I know, of course. But here, after some months without my family and my friends, I learned to be used to it.

My friends will visit me in Rome in six months, and then my family will come in December. And fifteen months or something like that I will come back here, maybe to study or just to say hello to everyone.

It will not be the same, not the same feelings, not the same year, not the same life, not the same routine and the school. And all the people. The familiar faces, not the same teachers to meet. And everything else. But I will come back.

I used to read the word pizza and think about my favorite “Italian pizza” with sausages and broccoli (it sounds fat but it is healthier than any recipe ever cooked in Sweden 😛 ) … today it happened something that showed me that my life is here, I belong to this place. I was reading my book in Swedish and reading the word pizza, figuring the image (because for every word you read in a book you need to figure it) I got the image of the “Swedish pizza”.

Some weeks ago I did not think this was the experience of my life (or at least not for friendships), now everything changed, it is incredible

I feel home. It is not only because I do not miss Italy, but because I grew an important part of my life here

I talked with the exchange in my school that went for a year in the USA and she said to me that it is normal I do not want to leave now, but that once in Italy I will be happy to do the things I was used to.

I have been asked by my mentor to go to Kalmården, a Swedish park in the south of Sweden. It would be on the 27th and 28th of May, with the second and third year of science class (I am in the first). I have this possibility because I will not be here the next year, that is when my class will go there. And she asked it to me because she knows I like nature. I have to decide what to do because I do not know anyone there and I would miss two days (and that week would be just one day at school then) with my friends, but in the same time it would be a new thing and maybe a change to get friends (I do not think so, because it really takes time). So I do not really know, but it is more yes then no. I think!

Hope you guys liked the post!

See you 😀




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