About my national test in Swedish, a dress, and indecisions!

Please if you want to keep your brain sane, do not read this post…

…and so will be until the day of my leaving, and maybe some weeks more. Not maybe, I am quite sure of it.

Frequent updates are boring, I think, but I always find a little time to share something about my days, and I want to do it even to do not feel the time going so fast.

This morning I had another part of the national test for the Swedish. We wrote about an argument we chose between four and I talked about parents and their behaviors with their sons. We had to write between 300 and 600 words and I wrote 380. It is not so much I know, but it is a good start for me.

After that we had a long break and i studied a little of French and looked for a dress I will have on my eighteenth party here in Sweden. (I found out that in Sweden the eighteenth birthday it is not so important like it is in Italy! 😦 ). Line found one that is dark red and she thinks I have to take it, because it fits good to Italians! ahahah

Besides, we talked a lot and my Swedish just flow like it was my mother tongue, wonderful!

(Yesterday it rained, and then it snowed a lot, and then it hailed a lot. Line, Ida and me sat at the tables, trying to study, but the most talking, turned towards the window to stare to the snow! Wonderful)

Why do funniest things come at the end?

Why am I just talking almost perfectly (for me it is) Swedish since the last weeks?

The warm weather in Italy is not synonym of love, it is not. A lot of people (including Swedish) think Italy it is the country of the love, and Italians think north Europe is the land of death and cold people. I just want to say that here I learned to love people more than I had ever done, and understood who are important people and who are not.

But after this, today we had maths and then watched in the English class the first part of a great film called “Mystic River”, a drama-thriller that I like a lot, I look forward to see the last part!

I took the bus and walked from the stop to home. In the winter this was a very long way, because of the snow on the cheeks, and the cold and the cold wind, but now it is really not a big deal!

I am really “divided” in two parts. I really enjoy my life here, sometimes I cannot remember how my life in Rome was, and sometimes I really do not want to think I have to go home (my life is here, why should I get to Rome?!)

But then it happens that I start to plan a lot of things i will do once there, or simply I plan those things I will do here when the day after I will go back.

So this shows that I even desire to go home, but I love here, and I could actually live more than a year here (though the winter is heavy!), still without moving back (or maybe, do I need to go back?! It will be new, a new feeling and very strange, but I just need to try to know how it will be, do not I?!)

So I am going to write about my indecidedbrain all the days until my leaving. This blog will be each time more difficult to read, and maybe less interesting, but do not leave completely!


Keep in touch!

(On two hours and a quarter there will be the Eurovision song contest, stay tuned 😉 )



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