About bathing in the lake, and some songs.




I am sleeping, do not I?

And when I will wake up, I will be quite relaxed and with ten months ahead to be lived in Sweden.

I do not see a deal.

Today it is exactly nine months since I took the plane to Sweden, it was the 15th of August and it was Thursday. It sounds like I always repeat the same thing, I know it, but every time I write about it the feelings are different.

It seems yesterday, I remember every single moment, I wish it was not so, I wish to have stayed more, I want to stay more!

The last two months are the best and the worst at the same time. A lot of feelings together, and this is wonderful, good relationships with friends and family, which makes you think you lived with them since years!

But then there is the bad side, the side of the “last times” in particular.

A lot of people in Italy does not talk with me since quite a lot of time. Do not judge them, but it is hard. And this is a bad side of living far away for such a long time.

On facebook on the group of exchange students, the students that are starting their experience in two or three months ask a lot of things about the exchange year. This makes very difficult to do not think about the travel back!


On Wednesday (oh it was yesterday!) we had the national test of English, the text and the audio comprehension. It went pretty bad because I did not sleep so much and start a national test at 8 a.m. it is not one of those things I succeed best with!

Besides…we went through this and the next week we will have the maths national test! (Kill me!)

Here you have the campaign to increase the votes for the European elections, Danmark made (note the cinnamon buns 😛 )

After this…

Yesterday I skated with my host father to Råda, it is 12 km and we made it in just 40 minutes (the first time I was nearly dying, but I mean, I did not use my inlines for eight months and a half!)

After that we went to the sauna, and stayed there like two hours. Between the saunas I finally decided to take a bath in the lake, and I did it twice!

Holy elk!

It is one of the best things you can do in your life, so if you have the chance do not think too long about it. Do not ask yourself if it is cold, because of course it is (not even 15° in the air during the day), and even if you are warm running from the sauna, you will feel the ice cold. But when you get in the water, thinking if you  should continue walking in the water or not, and hearing literally your heart that beats! that feelings is great! And when you go out, five minutes and you are dry 😀

A racist politician in Karlstad, a quite famous one (Jimmie Åkesson) could not give a speech yesterday afternoon in the square of the city, because stopped by demonstrators.

I love Sweden. I love Italy (not racist people). They are JUSTCOMPLETELY opposite to each other.

Tomorrow there will be a spring market in Hagfors and after school I will go with a friend there. Then I will skate again with my host father and take a sauna again (oh ILOVESWEDEN!)

See you some day!


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