Mountain bike, blood and mosquitos

Hello again!

This was a rainy week end, though full of things done and emotions, like everyday after all…

Yesterday I woke up at 4.00 because of the sun and because I actually left the curtains opened, because I did not have energy on my phone, and I could not set the alarm clock. So it was actually my fault! The problem is that I reached the opposite result, and Katarina woke me up at 8,20 (I was lucky that someone woke me up!). Oh I forgot to say that I had to meet three of my friends to cycle together and have a little picnic.

I cooked some wurstels for the hot dogs and we met at 9.00 where decided, though under a storm! So we returned home and stayed by my place until it finished to rain, watching “The Devil wears Prada” (it was like the twelfth time I watched it!) . But of course, as soon as we went out it started to rain again, and a lot. We were completely wet after ten minutes but it was very funny!

We cycled just under the rain, it never stopped (of course it did it at the end!). We ate hot dogs, fruit and chocolate under a tunnel, the only place with no rain, and met a couple that came from Dalarna in some way, to cycle to Karlstad (90 km)…mmm…not the best day I should say!

On Thursday I went with two of my friends two see a race of speedway. It was the first time and I really like it! (we got a lot of stones but it was funny!). It will be in Hagfors for the next Thursdays, so maybe I will go to see it again!

Today, though the weather was not of the bests (I do not know what the people that work for drunk last Friday, because it was expected to be a sunny weekend and it stormed like in the tropic!) we made something good of this day. At midday we went out to see the cow be left free in the fields, after a long winter inside, then we came home, relaxed, ate, packed my things thinking about my travel back, and them I cycled with Micael with the mountain bike. We went in the woods for an hour and a half  and it was very funny though tough.

When we came back I was completely full of mud, my legs were red and aching and I had blood somewhere, but I loved it! I got an insect in the eye and could not remove it but once home, and then got thousands of mosquitos, but the tour was still very funny!

See you soon!


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