Some days after Sweden, “Cinema America Occupato”

There is maybe someone waiting for some news about my life here in Rome since I returned on Sunday, so here you have something.

On Sunday I was nearly shocked. Waiting for my luggages I took my earphones and listened to music. When I met my family I did not want to speak Italian because I was afraid that in that way I could have started to forget my Swedish, but then after some minutes I started to speak Italian.

At home we ate an Italian dinner (soooo many vegetables and fruit and good good good good bread!) and a cake for my birthday (I am posting the photos in some days, I promise it!).

Since in Sweden it was so bright in the last three months I have much energy during the day, still needing hours of sleep after lunch! I sleep three hours in the afternoon and I cannot sleep before midnight, and then I sleep a lot again.

On Monday I stayed at home, looking for something to do. I cooked Carbonara pasta for dinner and on Tuesday we ate pizza (first Italian pizza after ten months and a half!)

On Tuesday I went out! I bought the transports card (finally!) and went to my bank (first signature as an adult!).

On Wednesday I met my grandmother (mormor) and went around in Rome with her. And again…it was so waaarm!

Always on Wednesday I went out with the inline skaters of Pincio (Pattinatori del Pincio) and as usual we skated around Rome starting at 21.30 to midnight.

It was very warm and a little tough after months of no-good-training, but it was funny to meet again so many friendly persons!

Yesterday I went out  with one of my friends. We went to Trastevere, in the centre, and visited the “Cinema America Occupato“. It is a place that one year and a half ago has been occupied, after it had been abandoned. There is a plan for which this building should become a big palace with apartments, forgetting all his life as cinema, when it was still working.

With my friend I started to go there since it re-opened. We made offers, bought the shirt, stayed there when there were some meetings and danced when there was music at night.

After some months a lot of people got to know about it, and it became famous. They got money enough to rebuilt the roof and make it nicer. There is even a studio room and at least once weekly a famous actor goes there to present a film that is showed and then talks with the public.

Yesterday it was the day for Luigi Lo Cascio, famous Sicilian actor that took part of “The best of youth“, “One hundred steps” and “La città ideale“. We watched the film “La città ideale” and then we stayed until 1 a.m. to listen him talking about the film. We took a photo with him that I will post soon, maybe!

Gone out we ate a bit of pizza and went to catch some bus.  It was late so we walked a lot instead, and it also started to rain, but not so much.

Got home at 2.30 a.m., slept until 11.40, had a doubt about having lunch or breakfast, had both!

Some Italian foods since I came here

See you soon!

I Rom!

(Några bilder tagit i Rom några år sen)

Jag är i Rom, och jag trodde det skulle ha varit konstigare än det är egentligen!

Jag ber om ursäkt eftersom jag har inte skrivit en sista post, och den om Midsommaren publicerades bara några timmar sen.

Jag känner mig verkligen hemma, trots många utbytesstudenter sa att man känner sig inte hemma när man kommer tillbaka.

Det är konstigt, jag saknar inte Sverige än, men jag saknar mycket prata svenska. Därför vill jag skriva på svenska den här post.

Igår på flygplatsen det har varit jätte konstigt. När jag väntade på mina resväskor, italienska var lätt att förstå men på det samma tid svårt att lyssna hela tiden. Jag tog mina hörlurar och började lyssna på musik, ja men vilken? Musiken som jag brukade lyssna på i Sverige gjorde ont, då lyssnade jag på något italiensk, och det gjorde ännu mer ont, eftersom jag förstod att allt tog slut.

Det är otroligt, allt tog slut. Jag har lämnat allt för ett år och nu det känns precis som förut. På vägen hem kände jag igen personer som jag brukade träffa i Sverige, det är en roligt känsla måste jag säga, men en lite ledsen också ibland.

Första saken som jag åt har varit italienskt bröd och många grönsaker, det är otroligt hur maten kan göra någon så glad! 😛

Igår jag har blivit arton, jag känner mig vuxen egentligen!

I natt sov jag tio timmar och en halv, och på eftermiddag två timmar och en halv. Jag är inte trött alls nu, naturligtvis, då skriver jag på bloggen!

Jag pratar redan med mina vänner i Sverige, jag hoppas vi kan göra en videochat snart, jag vill inte glömma bort svenska!

Jag ser fram emot att träffa alla mina vänner, mina släktingar och att göra alla de vanliga sakerna. Jag ser fram emot att gå runt i Rom, i solen. Och att åka inlines med mina vänner igen.

Och jag ser fram emot att åka tillbaka till Sverige

På lördag jag har firat min födelsedag med min värdfamilj. Jag fick många flaggor och jag tycker de har varit de bästa presenter jag kunde ha fått efter ett år som det här! Jag fick två filmer på svenska och ett presentkort på en hemsida var man kan köpa fotokalender, album eller skriva ut tavlor. Jag har redan börjat samla ihop de bästa bilderna av året!

På flygplatsen jag ville inte börja prata italienska eftersom jag tänkte “om jag slutar prata svenska det är slut, det blir alltid lättare glömma svenskan!”. Men efter några minuter som jag hade svarat på svenska till min familj, började jag prata italienska!

Den här blog kommer att användas för att dela hur mycket som helst om mitt liv i Rom. Jag kommer att dela bilder från de mest kända byggnader och platser i den här stad, som jag kommer att ta, och jag tror jag kommer att dela några recept av de traditionella rätter i Rom, jag ser fram emot att ge en nytt utsikt till bloggen och jag hoppas att alla kommer tycka om det.

Tack att ni läser den!


När jag var i Sverige och gick sova, ibland sa jag “hejdå” istället av “godnatt”. Då säger jag till min värdfamilj, “hejdå, jag saknar er!”


First Midsummer!

21 June

This is maybe going to be the most boring post since I have been in Sweden, but it is the last one, so forgive me please. This is even my last day as seventeen years old, it sounds so cool that I will celebrate it in two country!

I cannot explain how I feel because I just do not feel in a special way. Right now I am drinking hot tea and my last bread with butter (smörgås). I could not sleep so good today and that is going to be a problem, but it feel be challenging!

This because today in the afternoon I will start to prepare my goodbye/eighteenth birthday’s party with my friends that will start at 9 p.m.. Then after that I will cycle back to home and try to sleep a little, and tomorrow at 9 a.m. we are going to Gothenburg where I will take the plane. Oh my god is tomorrow! I am going to share some photos from the celebration on Midsummer that is actually celebrated the day before (Midsommarafton).

So yesterday we prepared a silltårta and one of the smörgåstårta for my party. Silltårta was to Midsummer.

Just a thing. Every Swedish says that Midsummer should be the National Day, though some years ago they started to celebrate a real National Day, on the 6th of June. No one does anything for that day!   Now I have to go. Have to try to close the luggages and make other things.

Here you are some photos of Midsummer!

More then three hundred days, and ten months

I do not really want to write, but I got some pictures from the last day of school that I want to share. Nothing special, just a cake! 😛

Jordgubbstårta for the last day of school! A tradition in Sweden.

These days are really strange, I think my brain is working so hard to hide the evidence, that is that I am leaving in four days!

The last nights I have been watching films on my computer to 1 or 2 a.m. and then slept until 10 a.m., I ate very little because I am not hungry, a little depressed and at the same time happy I am returning to Italy. It is very very very strange! It will be like go abroad a second time.

I am watching the tv series Elementary on DVD, I want to finish it before I leave, and I have just tonight, tomorrow and half Thursday to watch fifteen hours, I can do it!

I thought I would have had a lot of inspiration the last days in Sweden, but as I said, I think I am trying to forget that I am leaving soon, and it just feel like I am going to stay here all the summer, to start the school again on August.

Tomorrow I will send my package to Italy, with winter stuffs, and then I will shop the things I will need for my goodbye party (and nearly eighteen birthday, because it is on the 22nd), that I will have on Saturday with my class and some other friends.

then I will maybe cycle to Hagfors with my host siblings.

See you some day!


No feelings period

It feels so strange to think that just one year ago I was waiting for my host family to be announced by my association, and reading a lot of posts of students from all over the world coming back.

Every blog seemed the mirror of the perfect experience, and though in the start of my year I felt so far away from that kind of experience, now I really like to read and read again my blog, as it was another’s blog. I love my experience, and there is not a perfect or imperfect experience, there is just your experience, and you can decide to make the best of it or not, just doing what you feel every moment of the day.

Now, leaving poetic things… I left you with the last part of the travel diary from Norway and I am now telling you about my last days in school. I thought I would have been more sad than I have been. I felt very happy because I have been thinking about my goals, like the Swedish language that is now part of me, about the friends I have made after a long time, and about going back to Rome, where I miss everything.

Some days ago during a pause in school i went with some friends around in Hagfors to find the dress for my goodbye party/eighteen party. I tried seven dresses and I think those of the shop hated us! But anyway, I found this!

On Tuesday we did not have any lesson and we just met at 12.45 to take a fika with the mentor. I took the bus from Uddeholm and I met a boy of my class. I started to be very happy since that moment because I could talk a loooot of Swedish with him, when just some months ago when I met someone on the bus everything turned to be so embarrassing!

It was quite funny that it was the first time I took the bus from home to school, and it was the last day of school!

We met at the lockers and we had lunch together, what a tough lesson to start, isn’t it? At lunch we were all very very happy and it was very nice.

Than we went to the mentor’s class where she gave us some ice cream we eat together and then we finished to watch a movie (The experiment) with the class of social studies.

I went around with my friend Line giving to my teacher an Italian goodbye. I baked some “grissini” and they really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday we just met for the lesson of Swedish where we had fika again, eating something some of my classmates and me baked the day before. I prepared a “nutella roll” and some snacks with ham and cheese.

Then we went to see the “studenternas revyn” that is a revue all the students of the last year make at the end of the year, where they make fun of the teachers and make some funny videos. It was actually lot of laughs! and it was rewarding to understand nearly everything, and be part of the jokes because I have been in the school a year and I know quite a lot of teachers.

After that we went home and in the afternoon I cycled with one of my neighbor, a Dutch girl.

On Thursday I planned with Line to cycle to Hagfors from Uddeholm and watch the football match between the icehockey and the floorball players, from “gymnasiet”. We went there but it was very boring and we decided to cycle around Hagfors, where we bought strawberries and soft ice cream. It was very warm, soooo relaxing! After that we went to school and had lunch (it sounds funny that we just had lunch in school, but the last day was actually yesterday, so the school HAD to be open!).

When we went around Hagfors we saw the parade of the “niorna” (students that finished the 9th grade, after that it starts high school), dressed with nice costumes and walking from the school to the church.

It was a strange joke of life that in Hagfors I met some persons I have not meeting for some weeks!

We cycled back to home, sunbathed  and I learned how to make the “midsommars kransen” or else the “midsummer’s chaplet”. We had a lot of fun though we both were very tired! The sun always gives energy now, but the body accumulate fatigue without nearly noticing it!

So, we had fun and Line went home about 5 p.m.. I tried to sleep a little but it did not work, and then we went to watch the “skolavslutning” (school end) of Marcus, that was in a little park of Hagfors. It was nice but then it started to rain (at the end!) and we came home. Watched a little TV with my host family and went to bed, I was reeeeally tired!

I do not understand why I wake up always so early, I mean, I should be used to the light now, should not I? But it was not so bad because I had breakfast in a normal time (a lot of film milk, I will miss it in Italy 😛 ), wrote the post and now I had to tidy my room and vacuum as much as I can.

I go now, hoping that from that open window it will not come just a lot of bees and wasps but some ideas for the title of the post!

Emotions are flowing everywhere, I actually do not understand so much, it feels like I have been living this life for years, and this week it is going to be a normal week of boring days, before the leaving. Oh no, I did not want to be so negative, but my friends are not here the next week and my parents work, but I am going to sunbathe, write and fix some things before the leaving, and cycle a little.

On some hours the parents of Katarina and the family of one of her sisters are coming to visit us, and say me goodbye. I am cooking an Italian dish for tomorrow, the weather forecast looks good and we will eat the traditional “jordgubbstårta”, made every year especially for the day of “skolavslutning” (end of the school year).

See you later, have to prepare the cake 😛


Camping in Norway / Part two

So…oh how many photos! Let’s continue then!

We went down on the way to Geiranger, that is the little town that gives the name to the most visited (or the third) fiord of Norway, and there we found a very nice camping (in Geiranger there are something like ten campings, and a mountain that is going to collapse…but anyway!)

We mounted the tent and started to grill some vegetables and toasts, it was very cozy!

It has been bright all the night I think because the sun went down at 23,20, but we said goodbye to the sun at 21 and in the morning we saw it again more or less at 9.

After dinner we took the car to Geiranger and took a walk in the little town, it was very nice and full of tourists! I felt like in Italy with so many persons! oh, and there is not a person in the photos, that was funny!

When the others went to bed I started to watch the wonderful view of the fiord and write for my blog. At midnight I finished and went to the tent. I slept very good because it did not rain at all the last time, and the place was very comfortable!

The morning after the light made a great effect on the water and everything looked like a picture! Took some souvenirs photo, and needed some minutes before I could say goodbye to this wonderful place.

The last thing we did has been go up on a mountain where the fiord gives a wonderful view. It is there that the most famous photos for this fiord are taken.

The way we used to go up has been used after some hours for a run/cycle competition (2500 m.o.s in one hour and a half for the fastest that cycled). They are Scandinavians!

On the top it was just 10° but the sun burned your skin, it was really nice!

Then we got in the car and started a loooong journey back to home.

Camping is wonderful, it was my first time and I hope I will fix something with my friends for the next summer, maybe even in Norway! It is wonderful to meet people from all over the world and talk with them about you travel plans or whatever.

I hope you enjoyed the post, I think it was the longest and most full of photos since I started my blog.

See you tomorrow, I will let you know about my last day in school that is tomorrow (it is actually Thursday but we will not have lessons so the last will be probably tomorrow)

Ha det så bra!

God kväll!

Camping in Norway / Part one

9th-10th of June

So! Here I am, telling about my wonderful week end in Norway, camping with my host family.

The first day we travelled quite much with the car and we decided to sleep in the middle of nowhere, of course in Sweden you are not able to say “in a town” so often, and then we were camping, so we had to stay as much in the nature as we could…anyway! The place is called Särna, and here you have some photos.

I love the tent, it is like when I was a child and I had an IKEA tent! Our tent was quite big but I learned very easily to mount it!!!

From the Swedish region of Värmland we crossed the region of Dalarna, which has a completely different landscape, and we saw a lot of elks! (We wanted to see a bear that is the symbol of that region, but it did not happen!)

We slept very good though it rained a lot in the night and it was always bright. The morning after we drove to Åndalsnes in Norway, where we slept the second time. Norway is a fantastic land, stunning sceneries and deep waterfalls, a little less boring then Sweden I should say!

We stopped to eat some fruits on the way when we were already in Norway, in a little town called Røros, very nice.

This is the place where we slept the second night, and it rained again after we had dinner, oh no, I mean, exactly when we had dinner!


After this, the morning after (I just want to say that in the bathrooms of the camping there was music on the radio!) we drove to the Trollstigen (the “way of the trolls”, one of the most visited places in Norway).

During the night it rained a lot, I still had wet shoes but it was cool to camp, it was my first time, and everyday I felt home more then the day before, though we changed place every night.

The morning after it was very foggy, but this gave a little charm to the landscape with high mountains and waterfalls, and it was not cold at all anyway, so it was pretty nice to stay there.

We left the camping and went to Åndalsnes to visit the little town, we had fika and walked a little, then we drove some kilometers more to the big goal!


Some photos of the beautiful nature around the Trollstigen

So, going up on the mountain I started to take some pictures of flowers, and I really liked the result!



The we got again the car and travelled to the next camping, looking for it at least!


We drove and drove and drove and drove again and we took the boat to cross a lake or a bit of sea, but anyway, these are some photos.


The fiord you see in the photos is the most photographed fiord of Norway, and we got it from all the views you can find.


Fiord time

7th June 2014

And you still find thousands pages about love, or the magnificent peaceness of the nature, about waterfalls destroying your ears, but still standing there with flowing words saying “do not go away, this is your place, a place of loneliness, a place where you forget the place you belong to, do not go away, even if you know that it would not be the last time. The truth is that for the most beautiful things you do not need to say or tell any word, and between those there is the art of writing. Lovers are often described asocial. They go away from every kind of contact a lot of times. Judged like persons that do not behave like they should.

And you walk away ,you continue to think that what you feel is actually more important than what the others would like to see, to receive, to listen and to share.

This is a kind of end for me. Two times abroad, we like to say with my host family.

It is said that everyone is going to find a place. Someone find it making chocolates with heart or car shapes.

Someone thinks or maybe is true, that his place is where they can reach the success for theirself. Someone changes his place everyday, maybe acting like a jolly because not sure o hiself. Someone use to say “I am in the paradise right now, leave me here, does not need more energy, not more love, just leave me here”. But when we think we are in peace with our lives it is just because the paradise changes place every minute, depending on how we feel, how we react, what we need and what we are ready to give in that moment.

Joy is a pause in the night when nobody snores and you are able to fell asleep.

Happiness is to walk without shoes after three days of camping, after smelling socks and wet shoes.

Peacefulness is a couple of indians, sitting on that white bench with the view of a fiord, drinking coke.

Empty and full at the same time is to sit by a camping table, write in the middle of “something near nowhere” and stare at the same scene you looked for five hours.

Annoying is that car standing exactly in the middle of that wonderful scene.

Tiredness is to stay awake to write, because you have the inspiration.

Stupidity is to be wrong, another time and maybe the twelfth since you came in Sweden, buying something in Norway thinking that the only thing to do is to convert the price to euro, and not to Swedish crones first.

And you are convinced you have done a great deal still after some hours!

Confusion is to talk in Swedish with Norwegians, understand a lot, then come back home and understand even more Swedish, forgetting always more Italian.

Uncomfortable, you have been it, when you hated this language that needs two or three words for something Italian language only needs one…and then when you have to concentrate to understand what Italians say. I met five Italians today and i just got some words!

Indecision is: “am I staying here freezing and writing, or should I go in the tent?”

Vitality is to sit still here, with the light still awake, some motorboats rumbling, a peaceful fiord in the north of Norway, in Geiranger.

I grew up with the myth of pizza, pasta and bella Italia, but it feels like trolls, faires and northern light have something more poetic, do not they?

I find difficult to close this little table, go in the tent and start to sleep. Because tomorrow we are living this wonderful place.

Great experiences I had with my host family that I will never forget-

During this year I learner to feel home wherever I was because of many travels I did. But another side of this experience is that you actually need less time to be affectionate to a place.

How will it be in fifteen days?

I am sleeping now, tomorrow waits for us with an alarm clock at 7.00 am (oh not it was not that problematic actually!) and then we are going to cross a quite long part of Norway and Sweden, so I would maybe need some hours of sleep (and in the night it will never be dark!)

Inspiration flew away now, I hope you liked the post, see you tomorrow with a post about my week-end in Norway

It is like a mountain climb, sometimes go down is more difficult than get on the top


Energy is Scandinavia


Quasi l’ultimo

Domenica c’era sole. Abbiamo mangiato la cena in giardino, con il sole contro gli occhi.

Una tipica cena svedese con una patata al cartoccio di quasi mezzo chilo con una salsa e burro sopra, e carne grigliata.

Lunedì è stata la festa della repubblica italiana e la mia famiglia mi ha chiesto di cucinare italiano. Ecco il piatto super estivo che è piaciuto tanto a tutti quanti!

Poi fragole svedesi con la panna sopra.

Bei momenti.

Non ho molto da scrivere per cui chiudo qui.

Oggi è stato l’ultimo giorno effettivo di scuola, diciamo tranquillo, perché la scuola finirà giovedì prossimo.

Abbiamo fatto la seconda prova di fisica e lunedì e martedì prossimo avremo la prova di matematica.

Finora i miei voti sono abbastanza buoni, anche se non sono molte le materie con le quali ho fatto verifiche. Comunque ho C in inglese, A in francese e A/B in svedese, e questo è quello che mi importa di più 😀

La prossima settimana cucinerò qualcosa di italiano per la classe e inizierò a fare le valigie, impacchettare le cose da spedire, svuotare l’armadietto, dare i primi addii e via dicendo.

Per ora sono in camera mia, appena chiudo il computer faccio lo zaino per i tre giorni di campeggio con la mia famiglia ospitante. Andremo in Norvegia per vedere la Trollstegen e oggi dormiremo in un posto nel Dalarna, quindi al confine con la Norvegia.

Domani andremo in Norvegia e dormiremo altre due notti in tenda.

Tre quattro giorni di campeggio, freddo, sole che tramonta alle 23,30 (sempre peggio ovviamente!) e posti magnifici da vedere.

Vi aggiorno al mio ritorno!

Ha det så bra!

Ah! Domani è festa perché è la festa nazionale svedese, che nessuno sa come festeggiare perché è collegato solo all’incoronazione del re Gustav Vasa. Tutti gli svedesi pensano che la festa nazionale dovrebbe essere spostata alla festa di mezz’estate.

Però la Norvegia festeggia alla grande, perché si liberarono dal potere della Svezia!

Notti infinite e rock’n’roll

Non scrivo da una settimana e sembrano mesi. Ho semplicemente perso l’ispirazione, forse perché manca poco al ritorno, forse perché ho scritto troppo e finito la mia scorta di idee per i post, forse perché l’estate, come ti riesce a togliere l’appetito, ti prosciuga anche la voglia di scrivere.

Ma ora tutto è cambiato e devo fare il punto della situazione. A settembre non riuscivo a distinguere lo svedese dal finlandese, ora la mia sfida è quella di riconoscere da quale zona viene un certo dialetto parlato dai compagni di classe, e qui i dialetti cambiano ogni ventina di chilometri!

Ora non manca più un mese al mio ritorno, perché oggi è il 1° giugno, il mese del mio ritorno, ventuno giorni esatti alla mia partenza, al rivedere e provare tutto quello lasciato dieci mesi e mezzo prima.

C´è bisogno di fare ordine nella mia testa e sul blog, prima che l’aria si scaldi e possa andare fuori a prendere il sole, perché oggi è una giornata stupenda.

La settimana è andata bene e i giorni a scuola sono stati solo tre, perché santo chi sa il perché, in Svezia si festeggia l’ascensione, e venerdì è stato ponte. Ho fatto una prova scritta di francese e scritto una pagina in svedese per avere un voto finale nella materia, incrocio le dita! Questo week end è stato quindi abbastanza lungo. Abbiamo montato decine di cose ikea per arredare la lavanderia, sollevato due lavatrici e un’asciugatrice vecchia, siamo andati alla discarica per buttare circa 150 kg di cose vecchie tra elettrodomestici e altre vecchie cose, fatto uno spuntino di mezzanotte post montatura cose ikea, con pudding al cioccolato e gelato alla vaniglia.

Io invece personalmente ho pedalato quasi ogni giorno 14 km e avuto qualcosa nell’occhio destro che non mi ha permesso di finire di montare i mobili (che tristezza eh!?) e mi ha fatto lacrimare per circa quattro ore e dormirne tre nel pomeriggio.

Comunque a parte lo spavento mio e di tutta la famiglia la sera stessa sono stata bene.

Ieri non abbiamo fatto molto, a parte mangiare, vedere la televisione e BICICLETTARE un’altra volta, questa volta con la grande idea di uscire con maglietta e felpa, quando c’erano 20° (genio!).

Tornata a casa mi sono preparata per andare ad un concerto di un gruppo rock’n’roll  proveniente da Torsby, a qualche decina di chilometri da qui, e che ha partecipato qualche anno fa al Melodifestivalen.

Il concerto è stato qui

Il concerto è iniziato alle 23 ed era a pochi minuti a piedi da casa, e dopo essere andati alle 20 e non avendo voglia di aspettare al gelo altre tre ore, siamo tornati a casa, mangiato uno smörgås, te caldo e patatine con la creme fraiche (insomma uno spuntino abbastanza normale) e poi abbiamo deciso di ritornare al concerto in bici. Arrivati li c’era un po’ di musica e io e Rebecca (mia sorella ospitante) abbiamo ballato un po’ di boogie e varie cose su musica di vario genere. Alle 23 è iniziato il concerto, abbiamo ballato tre ore ed è stato stupendo, non ballavo da dieci mesi!

Micael a mezzanotte è tornato a casa e io e Rebecca siamo rimaste fino quasi alla fine.

Gli svedesi ballano benissimo (certo, mettendo da parte quelli ubriachi!) e l’atmosfera era stupenda!

Ogni tanto guardavo fuori per vedere se era buio, e non lo è mai stato completamente, e all’1,30 quando siamo tornate, “il lato dell’alba” era già più luminoso del lato del tramonto, stupendo!

La cosa stupenda è stata tornare a casa con Rebecca in bici. Era l’una e mezza, facevano 10° e ci siamo congelate, non si vedeva molto e la strada era completamente piena di buche. Un’emozione stupenda.

Cercavo di dormire ma dopo aver ballato senza sosta ed essendo così felice non credo di essermi addormentata prima delle 3, e ahimè, era già giorno! Stamattina mi sono svegliata alle 10,40 (per me che mi alzo sempre alle 7,30 è abbastanza anormale 😛 ), mi sono messa una maglietta al contrario, scesa giù per fare colazione, controllato la (a)normalità delle mie occhiaie (nel senso che arrivano fino alle narici per capirci!), mangiato latte fil e cereali con una banana dentro, e succo d’arancia. Ora aspetto che il mio telefono si carichi per mettere qualche foto sul blog.

Katarina prepara lo sciroppo di rabarbaro che riuscirò “clandestinamente” a portare sull’aereo. Il raccolto oggi è stato di 6kg di rabarbaro 😛

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