Fiord time

7th June 2014

And you still find thousands pages about love, or the magnificent peaceness of the nature, about waterfalls destroying your ears, but still standing there with flowing words saying “do not go away, this is your place, a place of loneliness, a place where you forget the place you belong to, do not go away, even if you know that it would not be the last time. The truth is that for the most beautiful things you do not need to say or tell any word, and between those there is the art of writing. Lovers are often described asocial. They go away from every kind of contact a lot of times. Judged like persons that do not behave like they should.

And you walk away ,you continue to think that what you feel is actually more important than what the others would like to see, to receive, to listen and to share.

This is a kind of end for me. Two times abroad, we like to say with my host family.

It is said that everyone is going to find a place. Someone find it making chocolates with heart or car shapes.

Someone thinks or maybe is true, that his place is where they can reach the success for theirself. Someone changes his place everyday, maybe acting like a jolly because not sure o hiself. Someone use to say “I am in the paradise right now, leave me here, does not need more energy, not more love, just leave me here”. But when we think we are in peace with our lives it is just because the paradise changes place every minute, depending on how we feel, how we react, what we need and what we are ready to give in that moment.

Joy is a pause in the night when nobody snores and you are able to fell asleep.

Happiness is to walk without shoes after three days of camping, after smelling socks and wet shoes.

Peacefulness is a couple of indians, sitting on that white bench with the view of a fiord, drinking coke.

Empty and full at the same time is to sit by a camping table, write in the middle of “something near nowhere” and stare at the same scene you looked for five hours.

Annoying is that car standing exactly in the middle of that wonderful scene.

Tiredness is to stay awake to write, because you have the inspiration.

Stupidity is to be wrong, another time and maybe the twelfth since you came in Sweden, buying something in Norway thinking that the only thing to do is to convert the price to euro, and not to Swedish crones first.

And you are convinced you have done a great deal still after some hours!

Confusion is to talk in Swedish with Norwegians, understand a lot, then come back home and understand even more Swedish, forgetting always more Italian.

Uncomfortable, you have been it, when you hated this language that needs two or three words for something Italian language only needs one…and then when you have to concentrate to understand what Italians say. I met five Italians today and i just got some words!

Indecision is: “am I staying here freezing and writing, or should I go in the tent?”

Vitality is to sit still here, with the light still awake, some motorboats rumbling, a peaceful fiord in the north of Norway, in Geiranger.

I grew up with the myth of pizza, pasta and bella Italia, but it feels like trolls, faires and northern light have something more poetic, do not they?

I find difficult to close this little table, go in the tent and start to sleep. Because tomorrow we are living this wonderful place.

Great experiences I had with my host family that I will never forget-

During this year I learner to feel home wherever I was because of many travels I did. But another side of this experience is that you actually need less time to be affectionate to a place.

How will it be in fifteen days?

I am sleeping now, tomorrow waits for us with an alarm clock at 7.00 am (oh not it was not that problematic actually!) and then we are going to cross a quite long part of Norway and Sweden, so I would maybe need some hours of sleep (and in the night it will never be dark!)

Inspiration flew away now, I hope you liked the post, see you tomorrow with a post about my week-end in Norway

It is like a mountain climb, sometimes go down is more difficult than get on the top


Energy is Scandinavia


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