Camping in Norway / Part one

9th-10th of June

So! Here I am, telling about my wonderful week end in Norway, camping with my host family.

The first day we travelled quite much with the car and we decided to sleep in the middle of nowhere, of course in Sweden you are not able to say “in a town” so often, and then we were camping, so we had to stay as much in the nature as we could…anyway! The place is called Särna, and here you have some photos.

I love the tent, it is like when I was a child and I had an IKEA tent! Our tent was quite big but I learned very easily to mount it!!!

From the Swedish region of Värmland we crossed the region of Dalarna, which has a completely different landscape, and we saw a lot of elks! (We wanted to see a bear that is the symbol of that region, but it did not happen!)

We slept very good though it rained a lot in the night and it was always bright. The morning after we drove to Åndalsnes in Norway, where we slept the second time. Norway is a fantastic land, stunning sceneries and deep waterfalls, a little less boring then Sweden I should say!

We stopped to eat some fruits on the way when we were already in Norway, in a little town called Røros, very nice.

This is the place where we slept the second night, and it rained again after we had dinner, oh no, I mean, exactly when we had dinner!


After this, the morning after (I just want to say that in the bathrooms of the camping there was music on the radio!) we drove to the Trollstigen (the “way of the trolls”, one of the most visited places in Norway).

During the night it rained a lot, I still had wet shoes but it was cool to camp, it was my first time, and everyday I felt home more then the day before, though we changed place every night.

The morning after it was very foggy, but this gave a little charm to the landscape with high mountains and waterfalls, and it was not cold at all anyway, so it was pretty nice to stay there.

We left the camping and went to Åndalsnes to visit the little town, we had fika and walked a little, then we drove some kilometers more to the big goal!


Some photos of the beautiful nature around the Trollstigen

So, going up on the mountain I started to take some pictures of flowers, and I really liked the result!



The we got again the car and travelled to the next camping, looking for it at least!


We drove and drove and drove and drove again and we took the boat to cross a lake or a bit of sea, but anyway, these are some photos.


The fiord you see in the photos is the most photographed fiord of Norway, and we got it from all the views you can find.


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