Camping in Norway / Part two

So…oh how many photos! Let’s continue then!

We went down on the way to Geiranger, that is the little town that gives the name to the most visited (or the third) fiord of Norway, and there we found a very nice camping (in Geiranger there are something like ten campings, and a mountain that is going to collapse…but anyway!)

We mounted the tent and started to grill some vegetables and toasts, it was very cozy!

It has been bright all the night I think because the sun went down at 23,20, but we said goodbye to the sun at 21 and in the morning we saw it again more or less at 9.

After dinner we took the car to Geiranger and took a walk in the little town, it was very nice and full of tourists! I felt like in Italy with so many persons! oh, and there is not a person in the photos, that was funny!

When the others went to bed I started to watch the wonderful view of the fiord and write for my blog. At midnight I finished and went to the tent. I slept very good because it did not rain at all the last time, and the place was very comfortable!

The morning after the light made a great effect on the water and everything looked like a picture! Took some souvenirs photo, and needed some minutes before I could say goodbye to this wonderful place.

The last thing we did has been go up on a mountain where the fiord gives a wonderful view. It is there that the most famous photos for this fiord are taken.

The way we used to go up has been used after some hours for a run/cycle competition (2500 m.o.s in one hour and a half for the fastest that cycled). They are Scandinavians!

On the top it was just 10° but the sun burned your skin, it was really nice!

Then we got in the car and started a loooong journey back to home.

Camping is wonderful, it was my first time and I hope I will fix something with my friends for the next summer, maybe even in Norway! It is wonderful to meet people from all over the world and talk with them about you travel plans or whatever.

I hope you enjoyed the post, I think it was the longest and most full of photos since I started my blog.

See you tomorrow, I will let you know about my last day in school that is tomorrow (it is actually Thursday but we will not have lessons so the last will be probably tomorrow)

Ha det så bra!

God kväll!

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