No feelings period

It feels so strange to think that just one year ago I was waiting for my host family to be announced by my association, and reading a lot of posts of students from all over the world coming back.

Every blog seemed the mirror of the perfect experience, and though in the start of my year I felt so far away from that kind of experience, now I really like to read and read again my blog, as it was another’s blog. I love my experience, and there is not a perfect or imperfect experience, there is just your experience, and you can decide to make the best of it or not, just doing what you feel every moment of the day.

Now, leaving poetic things… I left you with the last part of the travel diary from Norway and I am now telling you about my last days in school. I thought I would have been more sad than I have been. I felt very happy because I have been thinking about my goals, like the Swedish language that is now part of me, about the friends I have made after a long time, and about going back to Rome, where I miss everything.

Some days ago during a pause in school i went with some friends around in Hagfors to find the dress for my goodbye party/eighteen party. I tried seven dresses and I think those of the shop hated us! But anyway, I found this!

On Tuesday we did not have any lesson and we just met at 12.45 to take a fika with the mentor. I took the bus from Uddeholm and I met a boy of my class. I started to be very happy since that moment because I could talk a loooot of Swedish with him, when just some months ago when I met someone on the bus everything turned to be so embarrassing!

It was quite funny that it was the first time I took the bus from home to school, and it was the last day of school!

We met at the lockers and we had lunch together, what a tough lesson to start, isn’t it? At lunch we were all very very happy and it was very nice.

Than we went to the mentor’s class where she gave us some ice cream we eat together and then we finished to watch a movie (The experiment) with the class of social studies.

I went around with my friend Line giving to my teacher an Italian goodbye. I baked some “grissini” and they really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday we just met for the lesson of Swedish where we had fika again, eating something some of my classmates and me baked the day before. I prepared a “nutella roll” and some snacks with ham and cheese.

Then we went to see the “studenternas revyn” that is a revue all the students of the last year make at the end of the year, where they make fun of the teachers and make some funny videos. It was actually lot of laughs! and it was rewarding to understand nearly everything, and be part of the jokes because I have been in the school a year and I know quite a lot of teachers.

After that we went home and in the afternoon I cycled with one of my neighbor, a Dutch girl.

On Thursday I planned with Line to cycle to Hagfors from Uddeholm and watch the football match between the icehockey and the floorball players, from “gymnasiet”. We went there but it was very boring and we decided to cycle around Hagfors, where we bought strawberries and soft ice cream. It was very warm, soooo relaxing! After that we went to school and had lunch (it sounds funny that we just had lunch in school, but the last day was actually yesterday, so the school HAD to be open!).

When we went around Hagfors we saw the parade of the “niorna” (students that finished the 9th grade, after that it starts high school), dressed with nice costumes and walking from the school to the church.

It was a strange joke of life that in Hagfors I met some persons I have not meeting for some weeks!

We cycled back to home, sunbathed  and I learned how to make the “midsommars kransen” or else the “midsummer’s chaplet”. We had a lot of fun though we both were very tired! The sun always gives energy now, but the body accumulate fatigue without nearly noticing it!

So, we had fun and Line went home about 5 p.m.. I tried to sleep a little but it did not work, and then we went to watch the “skolavslutning” (school end) of Marcus, that was in a little park of Hagfors. It was nice but then it started to rain (at the end!) and we came home. Watched a little TV with my host family and went to bed, I was reeeeally tired!

I do not understand why I wake up always so early, I mean, I should be used to the light now, should not I? But it was not so bad because I had breakfast in a normal time (a lot of film milk, I will miss it in Italy 😛 ), wrote the post and now I had to tidy my room and vacuum as much as I can.

I go now, hoping that from that open window it will not come just a lot of bees and wasps but some ideas for the title of the post!

Emotions are flowing everywhere, I actually do not understand so much, it feels like I have been living this life for years, and this week it is going to be a normal week of boring days, before the leaving. Oh no, I did not want to be so negative, but my friends are not here the next week and my parents work, but I am going to sunbathe, write and fix some things before the leaving, and cycle a little.

On some hours the parents of Katarina and the family of one of her sisters are coming to visit us, and say me goodbye. I am cooking an Italian dish for tomorrow, the weather forecast looks good and we will eat the traditional “jordgubbstårta”, made every year especially for the day of “skolavslutning” (end of the school year).

See you later, have to prepare the cake 😛



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