More then three hundred days, and ten months

I do not really want to write, but I got some pictures from the last day of school that I want to share. Nothing special, just a cake! 😛

Jordgubbstårta for the last day of school! A tradition in Sweden.

These days are really strange, I think my brain is working so hard to hide the evidence, that is that I am leaving in four days!

The last nights I have been watching films on my computer to 1 or 2 a.m. and then slept until 10 a.m., I ate very little because I am not hungry, a little depressed and at the same time happy I am returning to Italy. It is very very very strange! It will be like go abroad a second time.

I am watching the tv series Elementary on DVD, I want to finish it before I leave, and I have just tonight, tomorrow and half Thursday to watch fifteen hours, I can do it!

I thought I would have had a lot of inspiration the last days in Sweden, but as I said, I think I am trying to forget that I am leaving soon, and it just feel like I am going to stay here all the summer, to start the school again on August.

Tomorrow I will send my package to Italy, with winter stuffs, and then I will shop the things I will need for my goodbye party (and nearly eighteen birthday, because it is on the 22nd), that I will have on Saturday with my class and some other friends.

then I will maybe cycle to Hagfors with my host siblings.

See you some day!



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