First Midsummer!

21 June

This is maybe going to be the most boring post since I have been in Sweden, but it is the last one, so forgive me please. This is even my last day as seventeen years old, it sounds so cool that I will celebrate it in two country!

I cannot explain how I feel because I just do not feel in a special way. Right now I am drinking hot tea and my last bread with butter (smörgås). I could not sleep so good today and that is going to be a problem, but it feel be challenging!

This because today in the afternoon I will start to prepare my goodbye/eighteenth birthday’s party with my friends that will start at 9 p.m.. Then after that I will cycle back to home and try to sleep a little, and tomorrow at 9 a.m. we are going to Gothenburg where I will take the plane. Oh my god is tomorrow! I am going to share some photos from the celebration on Midsummer that is actually celebrated the day before (Midsommarafton).

So yesterday we prepared a silltårta and one of the smörgåstårta for my party. Silltårta was to Midsummer.

Just a thing. Every Swedish says that Midsummer should be the National Day, though some years ago they started to celebrate a real National Day, on the 6th of June. No one does anything for that day!   Now I have to go. Have to try to close the luggages and make other things.

Here you are some photos of Midsummer!


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