Some days after Sweden, “Cinema America Occupato”

There is maybe someone waiting for some news about my life here in Rome since I returned on Sunday, so here you have something.

On Sunday I was nearly shocked. Waiting for my luggages I took my earphones and listened to music. When I met my family I did not want to speak Italian because I was afraid that in that way I could have started to forget my Swedish, but then after some minutes I started to speak Italian.

At home we ate an Italian dinner (soooo many vegetables and fruit and good good good good bread!) and a cake for my birthday (I am posting the photos in some days, I promise it!).

Since in Sweden it was so bright in the last three months I have much energy during the day, still needing hours of sleep after lunch! I sleep three hours in the afternoon and I cannot sleep before midnight, and then I sleep a lot again.

On Monday I stayed at home, looking for something to do. I cooked Carbonara pasta for dinner and on Tuesday we ate pizza (first Italian pizza after ten months and a half!)

On Tuesday I went out! I bought the transports card (finally!) and went to my bank (first signature as an adult!).

On Wednesday I met my grandmother (mormor) and went around in Rome with her. And again…it was so waaarm!

Always on Wednesday I went out with the inline skaters of Pincio (Pattinatori del Pincio) and as usual we skated around Rome starting at 21.30 to midnight.

It was very warm and a little tough after months of no-good-training, but it was funny to meet again so many friendly persons!

Yesterday I went out  with one of my friends. We went to Trastevere, in the centre, and visited the “Cinema America Occupato“. It is a place that one year and a half ago has been occupied, after it had been abandoned. There is a plan for which this building should become a big palace with apartments, forgetting all his life as cinema, when it was still working.

With my friend I started to go there since it re-opened. We made offers, bought the shirt, stayed there when there were some meetings and danced when there was music at night.

After some months a lot of people got to know about it, and it became famous. They got money enough to rebuilt the roof and make it nicer. There is even a studio room and at least once weekly a famous actor goes there to present a film that is showed and then talks with the public.

Yesterday it was the day for Luigi Lo Cascio, famous Sicilian actor that took part of “The best of youth“, “One hundred steps” and “La città ideale“. We watched the film “La città ideale” and then we stayed until 1 a.m. to listen him talking about the film. We took a photo with him that I will post soon, maybe!

Gone out we ate a bit of pizza and went to catch some bus.  It was late so we walked a lot instead, and it also started to rain, but not so much.

Got home at 2.30 a.m., slept until 11.40, had a doubt about having lunch or breakfast, had both!

Some Italian foods since I came here

See you soon!


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