La mia prima petizione!

Cari lettori del mio blog, oggi ho scritto la mia prima petizione su La situazione è dura ma tentar non nuoce!

La petizione contiene una richiesta per il comune di Roma per una maggiore sensibilità per le aree verdi di Roma, se siete interessati fateci un salto e firmate, poi se volete condividete e fate girare il più possibile.à-di-roma-2

Grazie per la collaborazione!

Some meters high.

I would like to start my new year of school there, in that little place that Hagfors is. I have been building great friendships and a wonderful relation with my family, my swedish family. The new gym beside my school is almost completed. They are scandinavians, they plane a building to be completed at a certain day and they make it. So the day the new gym has been completed has already passed. The 23rd of August they will have the opening ceremony. Familiar faces, the matches that will inaugurate the new building, old friends of my class; a lot of things that were difficult to accept when I missed Italy, and all seemed sooo different and unacceptable in some times.

I am craving to talk Swedish again, I am writing a lot and I am not sure I can speak as well as I could until just some weeks ago. I have to reveal that sometimes before I fell asleep I stay in my bed whispering some words or entire phrases in swedish, looking forward to the moment I will meet my friends, or maybe just when I will have a video-chat.

Almost seven weeks after my plane from Sweden and I am talking about mountain walking.

Still with the knowledge of the Swedish language, though a little old one, still with my necklace with the shape of the Värmland region, and still with a lot of things to talk about with new people and a lot of different sights to catch from the daily life.

I am in Abruzzo with my family, that is a region 150 far away from Rome. We are staying near the little town of Pescasseroli and we are going to stay other two weeks before the road to Rome, and then I will have my exam at school, the 2nd of September.

New exchange students are living now, some are already in their new houses with their new families, some wait for the placement but already count the days.

I count the day backwards, since the day I received my family, the 18th of June, when I left on the 15th of August and then the last day there as well as my birthday, the 22nd of June. I count the weeks until I will have a video-chat in Swedish, the months until the time I will return there, and maybe I will study there.

Now I am writing after a long time on this blog, it is not easy to find the time and the peacefulness to write what you feel, what you want, do not want or should write.

I have been on the “Monte Tranquillo” (the quiet mountain), that is 1640 m.o.s. but we stopped at 1597 meters, where the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna is located. I went there with a group of people and a guide. It took nearly six hours to go up, have lunch and come down.

I needed eleven hours of sleep the last night but it was worth it!

I am going on the “Monte Amaro” that is the “bitter mountain” with 1865 m.ov.s., and I look forward!

One of the last days I will go up to the top of the “Monte Marsicano” with its 2245 meters.

I should share some photos but I did not take the cable of the photo camera, so I will do it in Rome, but those which I shared are from the internet.

Have a nice night, or morning 😉