English, Maths and other languages you are supposed to know

Something strange, deep and unknowable is happening and letting quite many persons to reach my blog; so what a better moment to write something else?

Today I have been studying most of the day, taken my first driving lesson with my father (it went great!) and not done so much more. I watched hours and hours to the Canadian tv-series “Flashpoint”, that I just love, but I am now listening to “Bella’s Lullaby” by Carter Burwell.

I read some pages of the new book I am now going through, “The authentic life of John Keats” by Bright Star, which is an easy and soft reading after a heavy one such “Metamorphosis” by Ovidio, still uncompleted but a very nice book, belonging to the large amount of “classic myths”, like another one called “The tale of Cupid and Psyche” by Apuleius.

Weather here in Rome is great, we still have nearly 30° with the sun and today I wore short. You envy Italian life, I know and I should shut up!

I am working hard on English because I will start the course at school to prepare to take the FCE certificate. Hålla tummarna! (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Some days ago after the choir rehearsals I met three guys talking Swedish and I was nearly to shout “Jag prater också svenska!” (I speak Swedish too!), and yesterday I got introduced to the niece of one of the chorister, and talked a little swedish with her.

I will read “Gösta Berlings saga” by Selma Lagerlöf, a famous Swedish writer that have lived near to Uddeholm, the place where I passed my exchange.
It is part of a list of the “books you should read in your life” found on internet. It contains 1001 books and here it is; I AM WORKING ON IT!


You even find the 21, 100, 200 books list by BBC here

I have to go, see you and thanks for visiting!

Good night!


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