Last of November!


This year I want to celebrate the hole advent to Christmas, mainly because here in Rome it is still very warm and I looking for something that seems “Christmassy”.

So everyday I will share on this blog the link to watch each episode of this little cartoon that is made every year on SVT, the Swedish television and that lasts until the day of Christmas of course!

I got to know about it last year during my exchange year in Sweden and even if it is a childish thing, I really like it because it is a good way to improve the language and to feel, or at least try to do it, en lite av julkänsla (a little of Christmas feeling).

So, I hope you enjoy it, I am not sure but there are maybe also the English subtitles.

During December I am gonna share with you something in order to show how my city transforms when Christmas time approaches. I hope I will succeed in preparing some typical Swedish Christmas cake.

So stay tuned, and have a good last November night, and a good first December morning!

Choosing for the next three years

I want to share with you all the moments that will come before I will start my new experience of attending university, as I did during the months before the start of my exchange-year in Sweden, as a high-school second-last year student.

It is so nice to read about those feelings I felt when I was still in Rome, waiting for that year to change my life, my personality and my interests.

Now I am here again to tell about my experience. So, two days ago I went to a fair where most of the Italian public and private universities were shown. It was really chaotic there, but I talked with some of the representants of the universities I was curious for. Among them there were the Westminster University and some interpreting and translation ones in Rome.

A curious thing that you should know is that on the way to the fair, asking directions, a girl of my age enjoyed me because she also needed to know where to go. We talked and found out that our interest was almost the same. We wanted to study cultural mediation or by the way something that had much to do with languages and travels.

So we actually visited the fair together and decided to visit one of the universities of interpreting in Rome, that looked very good and whom students we talked with at the fair, gave us a good explanation of the field of studying and good impressions about teachers.

So yesterday I went to ask information because this university is also very close to my school, my house, and the place where I sing in the choir. They did not tell me almost anything because the kind that does orientation was not there, but they should get in touch to book a complete visit into the university.

So I am waiting for the call, and I really look forward to discover something more about this university, that is called SSML Gregorio VII, that is here.

It is a private one and this is the reason why I will try to get as many informations as possible before take my choice.

The languages which are taught are English, a second language to choose among French, German and Spanish, and a third language between Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. Then you have other subjects concerning global topics and society in general. So, I am very excited and I am letting you know about any news!

For those who are now in Rome, tomorrow, at the Swedish Church in via Bertoloni, a traditional Swedish Christmas bazaar will be hold under the whole day. If you are interested, check this out!

See you!


I miss the happiness felt after so many months of dark and clouds and sadness with the sun coming out again. And the similar feeling of watching the spring coming back after six months of a very heavy and difficult winter to overcome.

I have just seen a photo on a friend’s Facebook page. It was taken today and it framed the lake and the sky above it in a nearly sunny afternoon in Uddeholm, the place where I lived for a year.

Seeing that I perceived the same feeling I used to know the last winter, the one I passed there, among gladness, tears, laughs, smiles and silences.
In a little wooden white room, the one that is still there, on the first floor of that little red and white house, I used to write a lot about my experience, and even if some memories are now more obscured than clear,I am never going to forget single fragments of my nordic life.

Not longer I can listen to many songs, those who remembered me of good and bad moments. But there are not the bad moments that make you unable to listen to them after such a long time, which actually is not so long.

A Swede’s life is made of some little and nice pleasures…

….a cup of coffe, that I did use to drink often, especially during winter to gain a “taste of energy”

…..the sun that shines after a long period of darkness or after the entire winter. The restart of spring.

…..sunbathing in a cold day just because it gives energy and happiness and pleasure.

…the little pleasure of hugs

I already look forward to the day I will take the flight back to Sweden.

Sweden, you are now really missing

Pioggia e gente e pensieri che attraversano

Hey tu ragazza bionda che molte volte avrebbe voluto e ancora vorrebbe nascondersi in un paio d’occhi scuri, capelli ricci rossi e qualcos’altro di più mediterraneo di occhi azzurri e capelli a volte color oro, che certo più di lassù sono.

Aspetta. Vuoi scrivere. Il tuo flusso di coscienza come quello tanto ammirato e rifiutato nello stesso tempo dai poeti e contro i poeti dell’Ottocento ti permette di farlo. Perché mentre stai in autobus hai come tanti abbagli di cose che vuoi scrivere. Immagini l’inizio, con ogni minimo dettaglio e la migliore correzione di sintassi che puoi. Mentre cerchi di correggere non riesci ad andare avanti, a trasmettere calma a quella scarica di pensieri e idee che ti saltano in mente, che attraversano nella tua testa come salmoni nei torrenti quasi chiamati, si esatto, come quelli dei film, dove poi ci sono gli orsi che con una zampata ne afferrano due.

Tempesta simil baltica

Pioggia che non è acqua

Amore che non è egoismo

La Storia che si ripete

Giornate e mesi che volano