I miss the happiness felt after so many months of dark and clouds and sadness with the sun coming out again. And the similar feeling of watching the spring coming back after six months of a very heavy and difficult winter to overcome.

I have just seen a photo on a friend’s Facebook page. It was taken today and it framed the lake and the sky above it in a nearly sunny afternoon in Uddeholm, the place where I lived for a year.

Seeing that I perceived the same feeling I used to know the last winter, the one I passed there, among gladness, tears, laughs, smiles and silences.
In a little wooden white room, the one that is still there, on the first floor of that little red and white house, I used to write a lot about my experience, and even if some memories are now more obscured than clear,I am never going to forget single fragments of my nordic life.

Not longer I can listen to many songs, those who remembered me of good and bad moments. But there are not the bad moments that make you unable to listen to them after such a long time, which actually is not so long.

A Swede’s life is made of some little and nice pleasures…

….a cup of coffe, that I did use to drink often, especially during winter to gain a “taste of energy”

…..the sun that shines after a long period of darkness or after the entire winter. The restart of spring.

…..sunbathing in a cold day just because it gives energy and happiness and pleasure.

…the little pleasure of hugs

I already look forward to the day I will take the flight back to Sweden.

Sweden, you are now really missing


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