As usual a year’s last post has to be written! I actually do not know what to write and how much, because this year has been confusing on one hand and very relaxing on the other one.

So I start following the tradition of listing the own intentions for the approaching year.

First of all, I want to succeed in the Swedish test (level B1) taking place in February, and the English one (FCE) that will be in Maj. Then, in June-July, it will be the time for me for the “big exam”, at the end of high-school.

The purpose is, for the next year and the others, to study well new languages as well as improve English and Swedish.

I attach here the link to the post of the 31st of December of the last year, when I was in Sweden

Of course a lot of the things in the list, maybe all of them, are fair if I consider this year too because I returned from Sweden in June and have needed a lot of time to get in the Italian culture one more time.

Since this week I started to miss my Swedish family a lot, together with all the Swedish habits and landscapes. I am going to decide soon where to start university and what to study. I think I will attend the first three years here in Rome and then maybe move to Carlsbad for one or two more years of studying.I look forward to everything!

Now I have to go, I am staying with my family for this New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!

Analisi del 2014!!!

I folletti delle statistiche di hanno preparato un rapporto annuale 2014 per questo blog.

Ecco un estratto:

La sala concerti del teatro dell’opera di Sydney contiene 2.700 spettatori. Questo blog è stato visitato circa 8.800 volte in 2014. Se fosse un concerto al teatro dell’opera di Sydney, servirebbero circa 3 spettacoli con tutto esaurito per permettere a così tante persone di vederlo.

Clicca qui per vedere il rapporto completo.

Unint, the interpreting and translation university in Rome

As I had promised you I am here to give you some more informations about the university I was interested in, which covers the field of interpreting and translation and where you have the possibility to learn three languages among european and extra european ones.

I got there with a friend yesterday, with the purpose to visit the university not alone or else with someone really interested in it. The girl I went there with is the daughter of a chorister of my choir and a fun thing has been the way she and me met! Before the traffic light became green, the bus we had to get on came. So I mimed to say “no, it is already coming” and she mimed to say “we run!”, so we started to run and this was the way we actually met. I think it is very funny and it will be easy to remember the day we met! I am so glad because in the last time I have been meeting a lot of people, most of which have the same interests as mine, such traveling, learning languages and more over.

Everything went very well at the university, we felt a little ashamed going into the building but at the same time we were so happy for what we were finally doing! Someone of the staff explained us the building’s organization and we went around for a while, stopping some students to get information (this is a great thing everyone should do if you want to really know how an university works!).

Then we looked the screen placed in the hall, that showed the current and the coming courses and we decided to join the French lesson. The teacher welcomed us very kindly, giving us a sheet with some exercises they were working on at the moment. The lesson was very challenging because she talked all the time in French (the lesson was three hours long but we stayed just one hour and a half), and she even asked us something. Then we asked for informations and even got to know another student that was attending that course. We had a great day and we are going to other times to listen to other lessons and talk with someone else!

I am adding a survey to ask you which languages are the most important to know in this period of the history!

Hope you enjoyed my little experience, I leave you with some Christmas greeting from all over the world, and I hope I will see you soon!

Of the Swedish food: Kanelbullar recipe

Here I am, it passed too long time without news about Christmas, so here you have the recipe to bake the typical Swedish cinnamon buns, that I am going to bake this afternoon.

I translated the recipe from this Swedish book (here the English version) that contains the seven kinds of cakes and biscuits most famous in the Swedish traditional baking. I was given this book as a Christmas present from one of my Swedish host-father (svensk värdpappa)’s brothers.

Today, the 8th of December, we celebrate the day of Immaculate conception, as she was born without original sin, as we all were. Yesterday I sang with my choir in the Embassy of Spain by the Vatican and tomorrow the friends I met in the Swedish church and me will go to St.Peter Church to watch the celebration, where also a Swedish celebration will take place (they will sing traditional songs in the “Luciatåg“, and here you have more about it, in Swedish).

Anyway, hope you will have a good Christmassy preparation and have a good meal! See you with the next update on some Christmas things!


Basic dough for approximately 45 buns:

– 150 gr. margarine or butter

– 5 dl milk

– 50 gr. yeast

– 1/2 teaspoon salt

– 1 – 1 1/2 dl sugar

– 1 1/2 teaspoon minced cardamom or 2 teaspoons minced cardamom

– approx. 1.3 lt flour

Glaze and garnish:

– cinnamon

– sugar

– granulated sugar

– butter

Smell the butter in a sauce pan, and add the milk. Warm until the mix reaches the temperature of approx. 37˚.

Dissolve the yeast in a big bowl with a little of the liquid mix. Add the the rest of the broth and then also the salt, sugar, the cinnamon and more than the two-thirds of the flour.

Knead the dough until it comes away from the edges and let it repose until it becomes the double. Then stretch the dough to a square. Put some butter, sugar and cinnamon on it, and roll the dough. Cut slices 2 cm depth and put them in cake shapes. Cover them with beaten egg and some granulated sugar and put them in the preheated oven, 180˚ for 10-15 minutes.

A traveller’s poem

Covered faces, cold skies and undiscovered places

Loud music and confused words

A brown leather bag. Don’t you write better with the music in your head?

Sea is far away but Christmas is welcome. You are traveling and music goes on and on

The night is often sad because you have a lot to think about

through the window you see stars and planets shine and color your mind.

When did you give yourself such a relaxing moment for the last time?

So, watching the sky you think no one is ever glad on this world.

Lamps lamps lamps. In the night all is so inspiring. Could that be a fabric or a house or even a bicycle, all that matters is that around it a shadow of question shows itself.

Tunnels, streets and traffic lights

Stop it stop it stop it, the train eats too fast and the tiger drives with so much anger.

Keep on, music gets better and better.

Write write and write again

Is it because you desire to escape, and to try again something completely different as you did once?

Luggages, bags hanged there and pockets, full of feelings and expectations

neither money, paper or any kind of explanation.

An infinite travel towards the one that we all call the musical of happiness.

Not a shout either a shoot

Just peace

Is that really so difficult to reach?

Shouldn’t we overcome this question with an answer of love?