Unint, the interpreting and translation university in Rome

As I had promised you I am here to give you some more informations about the university I was interested in, which covers the field of interpreting and translation and where you have the possibility to learn three languages among european and extra european ones.

I got there with a friend yesterday, with the purpose to visit the university not alone or else with someone really interested in it. The girl I went there with is the daughter of a chorister of my choir and a fun thing has been the way she and me met! Before the traffic light became green, the bus we had to get on came. So I mimed to say “no, it is already coming” and she mimed to say “we run!”, so we started to run and this was the way we actually met. I think it is very funny and it will be easy to remember the day we met! I am so glad because in the last time I have been meeting a lot of people, most of which have the same interests as mine, such traveling, learning languages and more over.

Everything went very well at the university, we felt a little ashamed going into the building but at the same time we were so happy for what we were finally doing! Someone of the staff explained us the building’s organization and we went around for a while, stopping some students to get information (this is a great thing everyone should do if you want to really know how an university works!).

Then we looked the screen placed in the hall, that showed the current and the coming courses and we decided to join the French lesson. The teacher welcomed us very kindly, giving us a sheet with some exercises they were working on at the moment. The lesson was very challenging because she talked all the time in French (the lesson was three hours long but we stayed just one hour and a half), and she even asked us something. Then we asked for informations and even got to know another student that was attending that course. We had a great day and we are going to other times to listen to other lessons and talk with someone else!

I am adding a survey to ask you which languages are the most important to know in this period of the history!

Hope you enjoyed my little experience, I leave you with some Christmas greeting from all over the world, and I hope I will see you soon!


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