Diary from Lithuania – Day one

2nd January 2015

Day one – A desert Town (I am sorry for my English, but I am pretty tired!) It was maybe the time we arrived to the city by a taxi whose driver looked a little depressed though very full of energy. At least we got to the hotel soon because he drove really fast! By the way, the city was nearly completely desert and just a few cars we could see through the windscreen in this rainy night in the capital of Lithuania. The flight was a little storming, for me that I am frightened by flying, because of the rain and the strong wind. What particularly impressed me once we got out from the plane, was the airport’s look. I could say that it looked like a castle with a poetic, full of columns on the sides and white and yellow renaissance decorations. I did not take a photo but I will do it tomorrow and post it with the next upload.

Getting around by taxi the city looked curios out because of this lot of different buildings belonging to different ages. The first impression I had of Lithuanians is that they are extremely serious, but a little less than Swedish people. On the plane they talked sometimes high, and what I have to say on how the language sounds like, is that it is very similar to Russian. By the way, Russian is not my favorite language and Lithuanian is very difficult. Lithuanian is an undo-european tongue more ancient than Italian, Swedish or English, and it is the point where Slavian, Germanic and Neo-Latin tongues come from. Take a look at this photos to see how the language is close to all the european ones!

I am going to sleep now!

See you tomorrow!


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