Diary from Lithuania – Day three

4th January 2015

Today we woke up earlier than yesterday, covered us better because it should had snowed during the day, and got around in the right part going out from the Gate of Dawn. There there was a supermarket actually the first we saw since we came here! In cities such Rome, supermarkets are a habit, but big shops are not here the same, think about that until today we wondered of what Lithuanians live. Even today we went around thinking that Vilnius is much depressing but then I started to think that some of the reasons because it is actually so are: the way most of the people dresses, especially in an old-style way, mostly in black; I had still not seen young people; everything looks out so ruined, walls are cracked and busses are rally old; supermarkets are not many because of the cultural/social/economic heredity Soviet Union left The half opened market beside the supermarket Maxima had different things to buy but in particular meat, bread and vegetables. People was not a lot, but prices were very convenient for us Italians. A nice place to go to could also be the herbs and spices shop just before the entrance of the market.

Lately we took the trolleybus, a very old one but with wi-fi and a screen to pay with the card and we stopped just along the river bank in front of the old tower of the city, placed on a hill reachable through a steep way.

The tower hosts an exhibition on the past of Vilnius and of the tower, which was interesting! Once down, with the snow falling down, we visited the National Museum of Lithuania, where there where so many things exposed, though a little disordered.

An interesting thing was this map together with the photo aside. During 1991, before the second act of Independence of the country, people stood on a highway that goes from Estonia, goes through Letland and reaches Lithuania, in order to achieve independence! A good organization, don’t you think?

We had lunch again at KFC and than we came back, the snow was a lot then and we saw some central streets whitewashed and then returned to the hotel. I rested a little there, the cold really makes you feel powerless!

We went on a walk and ate at this place, the only one opened yesterday night though it was a little touristic, but still very good and cheap. One of the dishes I took was some traditional meatballs with a sort of sour-cream made butter sauce.

Maybe it was because it snowed or because we had seen the city a lot, but I changed my opinion on this city, and now I think it is not longer a dark, desert and depressing town. Yes, being honest I have to say that I still think it is a little depressing, but you should see especially the history of a city and see how much it can learn you. And I swear that I’ve learned more in this three days of journey that I haven’t collapsing on twenty pages of my school history book. See you tomorrow for some more!


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