Adventures of an Italian student in the last year of school

Hello and thank you so much for the 15,000 clicks on the blog! I am going to post the last part of the travel to Lithuania. I will do it soon, I promise!

Stress in the last year of Italian high school is only what is at the base of us unfortunate student’s entire everyday life; then you put in it homework, study, continues refreshes, “not passed” in that subject you used to have good marks in over all the 4 precedent years, and last but not least, the “ESAMEDIMATURITÀ” (“maturity exam”) a wonderful invention that puts together three writing exams and an oral one, during which youaresupposed to talk with six teachers for the different subjects, and three of them have not been your teachers during the year, as they come from another school. All this in the beautiful atmosphere: it all will start the 17th of June and will finish more or less the 15th Of July. This means nearly sure that there will be 40˙ (in the shadow!).

You pretend you have a social life, but you actually DO NOT! You have been talking with your friends about what you have done during the weekend but in reality you have went out with friends just in order to breathe some fresh air (WHAT!?INROME!?) and try to don’t think about anything close to the word SCHOOL!

By the way, in this period I am trying to distract myself and think more about the language exams I will have in the next months: Swedish the 23 February and English during the month of May and I am reading The White Lioness, a crime novel of the Swedish writer Henning Mankell.

Two days ago I watched the film “Extremely Loud and Incredibly close” that treats about the disaster of the Twin Towers, that I highly recommend

In the week end I think I will do some “Semla” which is a typical Swedish sweet food of the Fat period. In Italy we have “castagnole” and “frappe”, fried sweet things, often filled with cream or covered with icing sugar.

Tomorrow after have done some blood exams, I will also have a videochat with my Swedish family. It is the first time after we have not seen each other since seven months!

Now I have to go!

See you



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