Keep calm and try to study

Malmö is the point

I should study but I cannot even open those books. School will be over in two weeks and exams will start in less than a month, I am really messed up! The big notice is that I passed the English exam I needed in order to complete the application for Malmö University. The IELTS test I took has been quite difficult and I thought that the oral part went awfully but then I got a score much higher than the one I had expected, very proud of it! I cried of happiness by the time I found out the result. Now I just need to send in academic transcripts and the final diploma. In less than 45 days I will know if I will go to study in Malmö for the next three years. I just found out that the Faculty of Culture and Society which interests me (I applied for four programs concerning global politics) will move, right by the start of the next semester, to a new bigger and cooler building in the middle suburbs of the city. I am so excited I got stomachache! But now let’s focus on studying. Yeah, you bet…. The only thing which can contribute is the weather which is not as sunny and fine as it uses to be in Rome at this time of May. It is not warm, it rains actually, and the sun is already missing after two days of clouds.

Now I go, I try to study. I’ll see you soon!