Busy time

I had the second English test last weekend. When I found out that I needed IELTS and not FCE to apply at Malmö University I tried to cancel my registration for the First, but they told me it was not refundable. So, Saturday I had the written parts and yesterday the oral which went very good I suppose. Now there are just few days until school ends and then I will go with a girlfriend to the place we own at my grandparents’ village. It will be a long week of hard study but also relax, to prepare for the exams.

The 17th of June we will have the first of three written parts, which is the writing of an essay in Italian. Then we will have a three days/eighteen hours of architectural planning and then the last one test, which consists of three questions on four different subjects. In the first days of July we will have the individual oral interview, and then, after a couple of weeks I will fly to Sweden to visit my host family!

Keep our fingers crossed, it will be a tough month really!


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