What a travel!

20th July 2015 I like the image Germans wanted to give to their country, as a really multicultural place, result of a complete integration. I said ”really multicultural” and with it I want to explain how this country has gone far dealing with a high number of immigrants. The hotel’s staff does not look foreigner, they maybe look darker than you would be used to think, they maybe have a strange accent. After have overcome the obstacle of running away from war, poverty, and man other abuses they established a family, built a future for their children as well as a present for themselves. Germany helped them doing this and now the country is full of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, completely integrated.

You maybe wonder why am I talking about Germany…well, after have approached in Frankfurt after a Lufthansa flight of two hours and a late of 30 minutes I went to the gate to take the connection flight to Karlstad. The staff told me that the ticket was cancelled by BMI. So I saw all the passengers getting on the plane, which was actually going to fly, while one of the two women (the other one was very unkind to me!) made a ten of calls to try to rebook a seat in the same flight. This did not work out in time and the unkind woman only said “we have to close the gate”, “the gate is closing”, “the gate is closed”. So they sent me to the ticket counter of Lufthansa where I stayed in line from 7 p.m.  to 9.30 p.m. after have wrongly been in line in another place, for half an hour. They gave me the name of the hotel where I could stay the night, booked me the flight and gave me the ticket to retire the baggage. Half an hour to get the baggage and another half to get to the hotel by bus, not counting all the time I needed to find all the places where I needed to go.

The only pros of today are that it is not so cold, it is very warm actually, and that everyone really speak a perfect English. I went to the hotel and got dinner at 23. Once back to my room, I found out that the flight the following day was not at 9 a.m. as they told me but at 9.50. Of course I was really afraid and did not even know if they actually booked anything! I went down to the reception where they helped me with calling a 24h service. They ensured me that the time was 9.50 and that my flight was booked. I finally got to the room trying to sleep, of course with not a big result. Alarm at 5.15, and I slept until 5.55. At 6,20 I was on the bus, and I checked-in at 6.35. Security checks much more serious than in Rome, and now I am sitting in the waiting room of my gate. Every face I met since yesterday afternoon was hopeless, sleepless, angry and hungry!


I am finally home. I did not believe whether I would have make it or not. Being with my host-family again feels like I did not even stayed away for a year. The first meal I had in Sweden was “en korv med bred” what is a very healthy meal as you can guess, and as it always happens when I come to Sweden after long time. I did not have the chance to taste the German “bratwurst” but at least I tasted a brand new meal in Sweden. Well, when I will fly back to Rome I will have 3,40 hours in Frankfurt, so I already know what to do! Anyway… Once at home I was welcomed with a traditional fika, kladdkaka med grädde, kanelbullar, kaffe och äppelcider. Just after the first Swedish snack I think I reached and overcame the amount of sugars I usually get in in a week. We prepared dinner, which actually was not less than a traditional Swedish summer meal. Barbecue of meat and vegetables together with  potatosallad, tzatziki and some other sauces. Everything eat in the early evening outside in the garden, with the sun still brighting into your eyes while eating.


Now it is 21,45 and it is still very bright, we will have to wait until 23,30 to see the sky become nearly completely dark, and then to sleep. See you!


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