Colorful pants, first days and fast lunches

Now that I have slept two nights at my new place I can take a little breath to tell you something about my life here. Yesterday night my roommate and I went to a grill party near the exchange students buildings…at the end it was very cold, everyone frozed but none wanted to show it because you know, “it’s summer!” I have to say I got some problems meeting new people, firstly because I am quiet shy, and secondly because nearly all the people there thought I was Swedish…and you maybe know, ‘cause I know at least, that exchange students love to meet people form all over the world, but they recognize how difficult, and sometimes impossible, it is to meet locals. By the way at the end I met two boys from Spain and France who talked Italian! but we spoke English as well, and at the end the night went well enough.

Today I went to the university to check some things, like get the student number, visit some areas and print some copies of my cv…of course I forgot to put the file in the usb and had to go back home again. The university is not big as other universities but enough to get lost…and of course I did not hesitate to do that. At the library I registered at the course Intercultural communication and I read that I would have also needed the compendia, which I bought later. In Sweden the student associations choose a colorful pants to be recognized, therefore today everyone who is not a nollning (zero,  then a nothing, because is in the first year) and is part of a student club (they are divided for faculty, courses or interests) wore these pants, and it was very funny, especially because many had those pants used by the mechanics.

Later, biting an Italian green apple I took the bus to the center where I started to leave some CVs….I just need to cross my fingers now!

After some hours of tours I am enjoying some hours of relax, cooking some chickpeas that will be part of my lunch at university next Thursday…I am really tired and I need to sleep afterwards. You maybe do not know that here in Sweden the first period of the academic year is dedicated to the welcome activities. Therefore you have matches, funny games, parties and meetings which last for the first three weeks. The “nollning” can be defined as the student baptism, or initiation ritual, for those who are in the first year of a program, and it is led by the different student unions. It includes activities that they think new students need to do in order to be honorably considered “first year students”, and of course in Sweden this will mean alcohol. Besides, other parties are organized once a week during the three weeks, in collaboration with the different student association, the student union (studentkåren) and the international and exchange students association.

After this, people start to study hard, maybe some will leave university and then for me it will be easier to get a new place where to stay.

I’ll see you some day!


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