Can we do something?

There are a very few and basic things to be familiar with in order to start to defeat terrorism and racism in a realistic way. We should understand…

-that terrorists are not among the new immigrants coming to Europe. They would not risk their lives before having followed their plans, and most of them have European passports as facts showed.

-that the immigrants arriving to Europe come with the desire of getting back to their lands as soon as war will be over

-and on the other hand, that it is so easy and normal for human race to charge someone else for things going badly, but facts show that the more we are the stroger we get. Refugees are a source of strength for us.

-that rejected people are most likely to be enrolled with ISIS

-and that terrorism is having possibility to develop thanks to rasism

-that as long as a part of the people who really look forward to move to Mars will not leave the Earth (and I look forward to that day!), we will have to share space and save each other because nobody else will do it for us.

-that war never solved anything neither saved someone.

-that countries, especially Italy, should stop selling arms to ISIS at least before taking part to military attacks against them (otherwise it would sound pretty controversial would not it?)

-terrorists want us to hate each other. Hate confuses individuals, divides people, groups and nations.

-…and they also understood that religion is something useful to create hate on. So they pretend to do it in the name of Islam.

-that prejudices are stupid and dangerous, and that new ones can even be started by just one person. So, think twice before shouting your mean opinion!

-that getting to know the outer layer of culture such as its music, traditions, beliefs, food and so on, as well as giving foreigners the right and chance to show them to others, are the best actual ways to fight racism

-that a person cannot totally and efficiently integrate in a new culture by his/herself: he/she needs help from those hosting him/her!

-that if you cannot read beyond a person’s skin color, then you are probably not as sensitive as you think you are

And remember…show and spread love. Help, talk to, hug and kiss people smile emoticon

This is what the Swedish prince and princess wrote today on a blackboard of Karlstad University, where students can write what they think to be the most important thing:
“That all the kids regardless from their background, should grow up into safe and strong individuals with a positive thought to future”


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