What was it you say about Sweds? Cold people?

Yesterday afternoon I had the most touching moment of all the period I experienced in Sweden. During the day we sang in the library of the university in order to get money for the “Musikhjälpen 2015” that this year have the slogan “Nobody is supposed to emigrate because of climate change”. It was very cosy and relaxing to sing for students “trying” to study in the library.

Then I got to lesson and the others went to the city hall to sing for refugees (I would have really liked to do it as well, but I needed to be present at lesson!). But I went to sing Luciatåg at the retirement home in Kronoparken near university. It was my last Lucia celebration with the Söt Likör and then we got a little fika of course!

Then we moved to university where we had our last meeting with the choir, having fika, singing some song and doing a group quiz about musical things. The touching moment came when a girl of our voice (I am in the A1, the next lowest voice) shared with everyone that she would leave the choir after some years of partecipation. You know those persons who inevitably end up helping and welcoming you without you doing anything for that to happen? I really feel more closeness to those people when I am abroad ‘cause they are the same people who understand when you do not understand something in Swedish, without either saying anything or asking, they just see you and understand you by once! So this voicemate was very important for me, and while she was listening to us singing the song she wished us to sing and she started to get moved, I inevitably did the same. It was a very sad but at the same time very very important moment for me! after the song we all went to hug her and it was a moment full of feeling and warmness really!

A German boy and a German girl (she is one of my friends) will also leave before Christmas and they also said some words to thank you the choir and wished a song…the three songs were actually these ones, if you are curious to listen to them 🙂 This, this and this 😀

You want to know my favourite song ever sang in the unviersity choir? It is this one 🙂 Well, I get moved nearly every time I sing it in the choir!

Other touching songs we sang in this period were this one and this ^^

Well, I really could experience at 360° how Sweds are not at all cold, but it just needs more time to get to know them, they are just wonderfully simple and warmly warm.

Since I am an international student I had the chance to subscribe for a Swedish contact family, and I really did not feel to have big chances because I already speak Swedish and know the city, but I actually got an email some hours ago by my future contact family! It is a man and his wife who lived in Trento (Italy) for a year, and moved back to Karlstad for a week ago. I got invited to a Swedish Christmas aperitive tomorrow night, and I hope to make it work because the last days (omg tomorrow it is already wednesday!) are very fulled up with things to do (and saying goodbye to international students is one of them!).

I am pretty excited to enjoy the pretty unusual 15-6° in Rome since Saturday, but I am really messed up right know (the 12 pages to write for Globalization and Culture were moved to next Monday, but still I would like to be done with it before Friday!), and two days more here in Karlstad would not be that bad actually!

I will see you soon, probably once in Rome

Stay tuned 😀


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