Warm, fog, and smelted snow

My brain did not have anything better to do than waking up at 4,31 this morning. Sounds  like a sleep disturb but I guess it is because I am pretty excited to start my two new courses at university today and tomorrow. Business English and Cultural Heritage. The second one is a very short one lasting for 5 weeks with three books and two articles to read. Everyday I get always more interested in the issue of cultural studies…so I was going around the library yesterday and got lost in a lot of books regarding this field. I ended up borrowing “Communication between cultures” by Samovar, Porter, McDaniel and Roy…already started to read a bit and it is very interesting and well written. It gives insights into the biggest world religions, and since I wanted to attend the course World religions which were than cancelled, I am interested to read about it at least! I actually have a lot of books on my bedside table…”The brother Ashkenazi” by Singer, in Italian, “The first forty-nine stories” by Hemingway, in English, and another book I borrowed at the library, called “When a Jew celebrates” by Gersh.

Yesterday I sang with the choir in welcome ceremony for new incoming students at the university of Karlstad. Before that, I went to Jula, one of those shops selling everything, looking for the lime-green pants the hosts for international students use to wear…the color is not the best existing, but it is very nice to have something in common, and it is also a way to be recognized, maybe in case of need of help. As a host, I am the only one who still did not find them or at least did not manage to find them in time!

After that I sang a couple of songs with the choir in the Aula Magna, went home and had lunch….in the early afternoon I went to campus to have a fika with my host group where we started to get to know each other a little better. Then back to university for choir rehearsals until 21. I went home, had dinner, fixed some things for the courses I will start, then read a little and slept! I was completely with no energy

On Sunday I took a walk with some students to the lake Astern…we lost the way and it took nearly two and a half hours to get there and go back, but the lake was fantastic, even if the weather not exactly the same. After that…another pika at campus with some new students and then back home.

Friday was busy as well, because in the afternoon I worked at the pub Bunkern, the first time after Christmas break, and since around 200 international students had the place booked for them, and I worked in the kitchen preparing meals, I can say it was pretty tiring! But I really enjoyed it, and learnt that international students love hamburgers! We got like 20 orders in less than 15 minutes, 15 were burgers, and the kitchen is a small place, and we work there just in two!

Today is gonna be fun as well! As a result of the very warm temperatures we are experiencing after going through around -15° in the last two weeks, the air is very humid and all the snow is smelting since Sunday. We have a few degrees above 0 and I saw people wearing t-shirts some days ago. By the way, as I said it has been foggy for many days now, after we had the typical cold and sunny winter days back in the two last weeks. But! I am so excited because it should be sunny today, so I am going to take a walk when it gets light, that means in like two hours. I will also buy some ingredients for making little butter puff pastry pizzas for my German friend Sofia, who is living tomorrow and is having a goodbye international dinner at campus tonight. I will make the pizzas and  after that I will go to university and start to study for the course of Cultural Heritage starting tomorrow…Then I will have lunch with Veronica, a friend I met at the choir. Then studying again, lesson between 17 and 20, (Business English which I really look  forward since the course in English for international students really gave me much!). I will go to campus for the goodbye dinner and back home again. Almost same routine tomorrow, with another goodbye international dinner!

I would like to point out something about the Swedish universities. At the start I hesitated a little about the thing of having just one or two courses at a time, thus having what seemed to be a lot of free time besides. But now I understand it is not like this, because short courses really give you much to do, and they are more worth to attend because you concentrate on one thing at a time!

News of the week…I stopped to drink coffee! I noticed it was making me too excited about many things and I was overthinking about others, as well as I was overwhelmed by simple thoughts. So, I  can say that I went through the long Swedish winter pretty well this year, and I am ready to get the best of the days which are always more getting longer 😀

I got to know that we will have a concert with the choir one day before the Women day, so it will be the 7th March. You should know that in Sweden every festivity is celebrated a day before, so you say Julafton (Christmas’evening) and you celebrate on the 24th and so on with the others….so it was decided to have this little concert which will be the premier of the biggest Women concert we will have on the 29th May! In the middle of February instead, we will have a kick off with the all choir, a two days away in a ex-military building some km from here to have fun and train a lot of songs.

I hope the snow will finish to smelt pretty soon because it is very slippery on the ground right know, since kilos of snow are smelting pretty slowly right now.


I think I forgot to tell you about being host for the international students! Well! It is a lot of things to do, especially in the two introduction weeks. It is about picking up students at the different places the arrive, go with them to campus helping them with the first things they could need. I picked up students from Hong Kong and Germany, and one of those day was -26° as perceived temperature! I thought I would die, but I bravely survived with pride! 😛

I will now go…I think I will also sleep for a while. I will see you soon!



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