I think that without flight companies as Ryanair or Easyjet words as “backpack” or “wanderlust” would barely exist. Next stop? Warsaw in Poland! I found a pretty cheap deal, a return ticket for 30 euros, and I did not take too much time before booking it! My first standing alone backpacking trip (at least someone I know will not get interested in it and join me!)

So, I am totally getting crazy thinking about it! I am doing a bucket list of things I would really like to do, and what cannot be missed is to taste many of the Polish street foods! Guess what? The Zapiekanka is similar to the Italian pizza and one of the most diffused street foods….What I know until now is that I will be there in the middle of April for five days, and I will need to stay one night in Gothenburg because the flight leaves at 8.45 in the morning. I want to have my first couch surfing experience so I wrote to a Finnish girl living in Gothenburg who could maybe host me for a night, waiting for the response!

In Warsaw I will stay at the hostel Warsaw Downtown Hostel, which on booking got a very good mark of 9.1., hope in the best!

I am at my former host family place right now, arrived here with my host-sister by bus yesterday afternoon…Before that I handed in my CV at Burger King downtown in Karlstad. They are looking for night-staff and I really hope they will call me back! Money for the future trips and etc are needed!

Last Wednesday the choir was having the audition for the Spring semester, and many exchange students took part in it. I was there to give them support, and luckily every exchange student who tried got in! On Fat Tuesday we will have a Fat Tuesday fika to get to know the new members of our voice, and in two weeks we will have a weekend outside Karlstad to get to know each other, have fun and practice a lot for the next concerts.

Today here we will make Semlor, or is some typical Swedish buns filled with a mix of almond and cream.

I will let you know about any news in planning my trip…have a nice weekend! And make delicious food for the next Fat Tuesday 😉


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