International brain storming.

I can’t stop writing.

Flying makes us safer than staying on the ground, what wrong is happening to society?

Into the Wild will be my film during the next flight. Saw it tens of times but it never get old.

In Sweden teachers thank you for your take home exam when you receive the grade. It takes time, but it is so rewarding.

Some faces met this morning made my day, spontaneous talks with Korean exchange students and smiles together with a sunny and pretty warm day in Karlstad. Stayed outside drinking coffee and enjoying the sun. Closed my eyes hearing voices of Sweds to happy for the sun, to keep wearing a jacket, even though it is just 6° outside. Love it. I will be back in the middle of Spring. Look forward to it. Look forward to enjoy sun and friends and family in Rome as well.

I am in Frankfurt airport, after the flight from Karlstad I am waiting 4,45 to get the flight to Rome. Security checks were crazy today at Karlstad airport….the third time I fly from there and they were never so accurate. Once I “bipped” at the metal detector, they asked me to put my feet in a sort of scanning machine, then the woman “touched” me very accurately and also checked the part of the legs inside my boots. Then she took a manual metal detector and checked me again.

Here in Frankfurt there is much police more. I was a little nervous before the flight but actually now I am relaxed, I will fly soon and stay far away from this place where love does not seem to be included in our lives.

Happy to have been able to find connection to write this blog.

I will see you soon!


Coffee is killing me! Be aware of its consequences when you fell in love with it!



I am in a line. Sitting in the library around people of which I would like to read feelings. It feels often stupid to be so much caring for terroristic attacks happening in Europe, while when this happens in Africa nobody is really touched. But I find it normal, the closer we are to what happens the more we get affected. Being abroad makes you much used to cultural differences, sometimes you even stop to see them. Sometimes you forget where your mate comes from, since you are so used to see the similarities you both have instead of the differences in behaviors. But at the same time, especially if you are European, you feel part of something big, you strengthen your belong to some kind of nation. Yesterday they were saying this about the erasmus students who did not survive the bus accident in Spain. Seven of thirteen were Italians, impossible not to be involved emotionally.

The worst is that we are getting used to it. We do not cry. We stay in silence. We lost hope completely. We are probably accepting we will have to live with this. I will not write that we have to fight, that we have to stay together, to show love. All this is just making us to calm, not being able to fight all this hate.

I cannot read faces when I am among Swedish people. As a cultural fact, they do not show their feelings as we Italians do, and this is sometimes kind of a difficulty for me. But I am sure they are thinking much about what happened. Today when I got on some busses every driver had turned the radio on, tuning on news about the attacks.

When you are abroad all the feelings feel strange. I lost an uncle during last semester abroad. I cannot explain how bad it felt. It was very hard not to have someone hugging you as you would, but also not having someone as sad as you are. I dressed in  black the day after which really made me feel better, closer to what had happened. In Italy you do this to show your sorrow, here I learned to do it for myself.

I do not know what will happen tomorrow, we do not know if our plans are right to be done, if being abroad is the right thing, if it is right to feel our safe so extremely safe day by day. I will fly to Rome tomorrow and stay for a while until the start of April. Cannot explain how much I look forward to cross that door tomorrow night.

Sono in una fila. Di gente seduta in una libreria di un’università. Qualcuno cerca di studiare, altri scherzano. Mi giro intorno e vedo facce tristi. Mi chiedo se come me quello che gira nei loro pensieri sono gli attentati di stamattina. Mi sono svegliata e ho letto di quello che era successo solo dopo mezz’ora dopo la catastrofe. Un’ora dopo un altro attacco alla metropolitana.

Non so se tutto questo ci stia rendendo più inclini ad amare il prossimo, o se stia semplicemente congelando i nostri sentimenti. So solo che personalmente divento sempre più triste ogni volta che degli attacchi del genere accadono. Anche ieri è stato un giorno pesante. Di 13 studentesse che sul pullman schiantatosi in Spagna non ce l’hanno fatta, 7 erano italiane. Impossibile non sentirsi coinvolti.

Svezia, Danimarca, Finlandia e Germania hanno aumentato i livelli di sicurezza. Gli aeroporti avranno un maggior numero di poliziotti. Troppo sta cambiando.

Domani torno in Italia e la paura è a mille. Faccio scalo a Francoforte e penso cercherò di stare il meno possibile in luoghi affollati. Ma so che tutto andrà bene in fondo. Ma il terrorismo sta facendo l’effetto che vogliono loro.



Early Tuesday briefing

Let’s not say too much about the fact that I woke up at 4 a.m. today. I set the alarm clock at 6.30 a.m. but I guess I was thinking about too many things I have to manage before going to Malmö tomorrow and Thursday, and before going to Italy for two weeks.

Yesterday was a full day. I was at university at 9 to study Swedish for the TISUS exam (C1 in Swedish that I need to study in Swedish at university level) and kept on until 15. I had a lunch break which I thought was good to have outside, so I sat (even without jacket!) in front of uni in the Sun…it was 10°! As I always say, it is wonderful to see Spring approaching here in Sweden! After that, I walked around the library to find some interesting book and I picked up and borrowed “The language instinct-How the mind creates language” by Stephen Pinker…I saw it already some time ago and finally started to read it. Read just 20 pages but it sounds already very interesting and well written.

Now I am making some food to be frozen (my bad for not being able to use earlier than today  that tomato package which otherwise would have expired!) and cleaning clothes. I will go to the library at 8.00 and stay until afternoon…then I will definitely need to tidy the apartment and prepare/plan a little for Malmö tomorrow/Thursday trip. If you did not know I am going to visit the university which has open day, and I will stay there for a total of 24 hours!

I will keep you updated, have a nice day!

Summer job and other shifts, of coffees and Sun (finally!)

Hi everyone again!

Today I definitely had the best good morning ever. Better ones where just waking up on the last day of school, Christmas Day during childhood and waking up to the sound of rain, or a blue sunny day after weeks of clouds. So, add to a blue super sunny day with the Sun which shows itself after two weeks of snow and grey, an email that tells you that you are warmly welcomed to work in a restaurant in the islands of Åland, in Finland. There, where a lot of people goes for summer vacations, where the 84% of inhabitants speak Swedish and your knowledge in Swedish is by the way only a merit. So, I applied just a few days ago via and got a super fast answer for two days ago, where they asked for references. A guy I work at Bunkern with sent them a very nice reference mail, and today early in the morning they sent me the welcome letter. Taking in mind that I worked yesterday night at the pub until 1,30, was home in the shower at 2 and slept only until 9 this morning, cycled to university where I met some people from my Swedish high school coming to visit the university, then had a book presentation, back home to sleep, still very tired because of the shift at Bunkern, well, this mail really made my day! Tomorrow they are going to send me the contract, I will work four weeks since the end of June and I look so forward to it! Especially because my family will probably join me there for a while! The restaurant is called Smakbyn (village of taste), and it is located 23 km from Mariehamn, the principal city of the Åland islands.

By the way, I am sitting writing the blog, still very tired after yesterday’s first swimming training after being sick and the shift at Bunkern. I will probably watch some episodes of Dowton Abbey (my family is following it in Rome, so they technically made me love it!) and then sleep for a long time, and I hope I will wake up with a blue sky again tomorrow. Then I will either go to the swimming pool first or to university to study, to go later (at 15,30 tomorrow, two hours earlier than normally, because the student union booked the pub)  and I will have another nice (hopefully) day. Now my goal is to study Swedish as much as I can for the TISUS examination I will have in Malmö in May. Oh, I was actually thinking about going to Malmö next Thursday because they open the university for those interested, but the journey is either too expensive (100 euros return ticket by train) or too long (ten hours by bus), so I will decide consequently.

If I did not already write enough times, you probably noticed that today it was sunny! And as many things have many pros and cons, so it is with very sunny days. You are not longer used to all this light and actually get a little pain in the eyes and headache (or at least I do) and you also get very tired because the Sun gives/gets from you so much energy. And you drink coffee, better if staying or sitting at the sun as many Sweds love to do, and so do I! So, if this was not clear, enjoying the Sun, and the color blue, after so many days is one of the best joys one can experience here in Sweden…..

I will see you later, have a nice night!


Of Sundays and unreal Springs

I don’t like Sundays. Never did in a very special way. But you know, I come from Italy and I am used to the big traditional Sunday lunches. Best if prepared by the “Italian grandma” who should almost be considered as important as a UNESCO cultural heritage since she is known all around the world, really! So, Sundays always kept being something special to me since I was born. The all thing you do from the start of the weekend is to relax after the week or meeting friends, and then of course, think about the Sunday lunch! If you will be at your grandma’s place then she will start to prepare at 9 in the morning, make food for at least the double of the real number of guests, trying to fill you as much as she can (the goal is to finish all the food on the table, which as I said, is more than the double you would be able to eat!).

So, yesterday was a little different Sunday than the ones I experience when in Sweden, but quite similar to the ones I am used to in Italy. I actually missed the Sunday lunches quite much, and I decided with the other two Italian students who came this semester to arrange a tipical one. After a long time we opted for a “fettuccine ai funghi” which took almost one hour and a half to be prepared. In the campus kitchen there was a Dutch girl…who would have been best to ask making pancakes to? We got simple pancakes, pancakes with Nutella and pancakes with cheese! Crazy lunch that lasted until 5 in the afternoon.

By the way, arrived at home at 6 in the evening I started to be excited for the new starting week. I have a Swedish book to read due tomorrow and I find it very difficult. Also I will have a little concert with the choir at university today before choir rehealsals, which will then last until 21. So today I prepared both snacks, lunch and dinner to bring to university. Among lessons, work at the pub, and the book to read I look forward to fill this week as much as I can…also it is just 16 days left until I will go back to Italy to celebrate Easter with my family and spend time with them, so that is also why I want to do as many things as I want in these last days.

Spring seemed to be on its way for some days ago. Then it started to snow. And snow. And be very white, fortunately not that cold though. But I took a look at the weather forecasts and it looks like Spring will actually come in the right period. Next week it should be sunny and over 0°.

Saturday and Sunday it will be time for me to visit my host family in Uddeholm to say goodbye before I go to Italy. And guess what? It will be the last part of the competition Melodifestivalen, for which all Swedes are crazy and that selects the winner that will go to the Eurovisions. And guess another thing? It looks like it will be sunny and 5° warm in Uddeholm!

On Thursday there will be open house at Karlstad university and I will probably meet some of the students and teachers I know from my exchange year in Uddeholm.

I’ll see you soon!

Have a great start of the week!


Good morning and good Sunday! Of course it has been too much time since I wrote the last time. I always want to write, maybe I start a few drafts on the blog and then leave them with no future. You probably saw the last update…I do not blame you if you wondered “where does this come from!?” because I did not write anything to explain it! In the course of Business English we were told to write some comments about an article explaining the refugees crisis. We will have to comment on three others’ comments and receive feedback from them.

The problem here is that I forget most of the things I do during the week, even though most of the days I actually go to bed very tired and knowing that I did a lot of things!

Last Sunday I finished a take home exam for the course Cultural Heritage which was in my opinion way too long. Ten days to write 5 pages and I completely lost sense of the time, I was not stressed at all, therefore not motivated to finish it! I ended up writing it at the last minute, on a cold Sunday in the library, pretty sick because of my cold (that still does not leave me in peace!).

On Wednesday I worked at Bunkern…there is not many people coming there during this semester, because it looks like the new erasmus students actually want to study a little more than the last ones, and probably do not like to go out that much!

All the week studying, especially reading a Swedish book in “easy Swedish” that I will have to resume with a course mate for Thursday. 200 pages total and I am still at one third of it!

I usually go to the library very often, and I like it so much!

Today’s lunch will have an Italian taste. The two Italians and me decided to arrange a little traditional Italian Sunday lunch and yesterday we went and bought some mushrooms and tagliatelle (I feel so happy when I find Italian brands here!)

It is snowing! There have been two very nice, warm and sunny weeks for a week ago, but now at least until Tuesday we will have cold (well just around 0°, but we got used easily to the warm!) and snow. And if it snow much, it means that the snowplow will wake me up around 7 in the morning!

Another news of the week is that on Monday we had a meeting with the choir to decide who should be part of the board for this semester, and with the other girl with which I am in the “producer group for the Spring concert” we decided to be part of the sponsor group. So, I am not going to help as much as the others because I will probably not call in Swedish to convince people to give us money, but I will try to come up with some ideas and so on…

Tomorrow we will have a short concert at a café at university for the “Women Day” on 8th March (but as you maybe know, in Sweden everything is celebrated a day before.

As you probably read in the previous updates, I am applying again for studying in Malmö, southern Sweden, a bachelor program starting in August. Last year I did not get in because I could not get rid of the high-school diploma from my Italian school in time for the deadline. So, the response from university admissions Sweden should have come the 21st March (I could have celebrated it in Italy because I will be there 23rd March-4th April) but it will come two weeks later, exactly the day I will be traveling back to Sweden! This because they noticed they had too many applications and would not make it in time otherwise.

On Friday I received at home the paper version of my take home exam for the course Globalization and Culture, which had been corrected and marked very precisely by the teacher! I really like this Swedish way of doing it!

As a “morning bird” as many call me, I try to wake up at 7 everyday, so that I can use my day as best as I can…Today I did the same but rolled in the bed for half an hour. Now I am at the library updating the post, trying to read the Swedish book, and do the reflection about some posts for the English course. I checked the weather forecast some minutes ago and I have big news! Until the week I will go back to Italy it will be very sunny!

I really like the library, even though sometimes it is very cold in here! But it is very good to concentrate for whatever you have to do and not to feel alone or bored at home, “netflixing” or doing “stupid” things.

I will see you soon! (Waiting for thewriterinspiration!)