Good morning and good Sunday! Of course it has been too much time since I wrote the last time. I always want to write, maybe I start a few drafts on the blog and then leave them with no future. You probably saw the last update…I do not blame you if you wondered “where does this come from!?” because I did not write anything to explain it! In the course of Business English we were told to write some comments about an article explaining the refugees crisis. We will have to comment on three others’ comments and receive feedback from them.

The problem here is that I forget most of the things I do during the week, even though most of the days I actually go to bed very tired and knowing that I did a lot of things!

Last Sunday I finished a take home exam for the course Cultural Heritage which was in my opinion way too long. Ten days to write 5 pages and I completely lost sense of the time, I was not stressed at all, therefore not motivated to finish it! I ended up writing it at the last minute, on a cold Sunday in the library, pretty sick because of my cold (that still does not leave me in peace!).

On Wednesday I worked at Bunkern…there is not many people coming there during this semester, because it looks like the new erasmus students actually want to study a little more than the last ones, and probably do not like to go out that much!

All the week studying, especially reading a Swedish book in “easy Swedish” that I will have to resume with a course mate for Thursday. 200 pages total and I am still at one third of it!

I usually go to the library very often, and I like it so much!

Today’s lunch will have an Italian taste. The two Italians and me decided to arrange a little traditional Italian Sunday lunch and yesterday we went and bought some mushrooms and tagliatelle (I feel so happy when I find Italian brands here!)

It is snowing! There have been two very nice, warm and sunny weeks for a week ago, but now at least until Tuesday we will have cold (well just around 0°, but we got used easily to the warm!) and snow. And if it snow much, it means that the snowplow will wake me up around 7 in the morning!

Another news of the week is that on Monday we had a meeting with the choir to decide who should be part of the board for this semester, and with the other girl with which I am in the “producer group for the Spring concert” we decided to be part of the sponsor group. So, I am not going to help as much as the others because I will probably not call in Swedish to convince people to give us money, but I will try to come up with some ideas and so on…

Tomorrow we will have a short concert at a café at university for the “Women Day” on 8th March (but as you maybe know, in Sweden everything is celebrated a day before.

As you probably read in the previous updates, I am applying again for studying in Malmö, southern Sweden, a bachelor program starting in August. Last year I did not get in because I could not get rid of the high-school diploma from my Italian school in time for the deadline. So, the response from university admissions Sweden should have come the 21st March (I could have celebrated it in Italy because I will be there 23rd March-4th April) but it will come two weeks later, exactly the day I will be traveling back to Sweden! This because they noticed they had too many applications and would not make it in time otherwise.

On Friday I received at home the paper version of my take home exam for the course Globalization and Culture, which had been corrected and marked very precisely by the teacher! I really like this Swedish way of doing it!

As a “morning bird” as many call me, I try to wake up at 7 everyday, so that I can use my day as best as I can…Today I did the same but rolled in the bed for half an hour. Now I am at the library updating the post, trying to read the Swedish book, and do the reflection about some posts for the English course. I checked the weather forecast some minutes ago and I have big news! Until the week I will go back to Italy it will be very sunny!

I really like the library, even though sometimes it is very cold in here! But it is very good to concentrate for whatever you have to do and not to feel alone or bored at home, “netflixing” or doing “stupid” things.

I will see you soon! (Waiting for thewriterinspiration!)


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